Letter: Do you hear the thud? | Opinion

Don Tortorice wrote an inflammatory column accusing Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson of “Torrents of Hate”. In fact, it was Tortorice who twisted Robinson’s message.

Robinson never said that lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender people were “dirt.” What he actually opposes is promoting the radical LGBT political agenda to our children under the guise of “equity and diversity”.

What Tortorice failed to understand is that ordinary citizens do not approve of “drag queen story hours” or that pornography in public schools is appropriate.

Tortorice is expected to examine recent election results in Virginia to see what parents think about the radical sexual orientation and gender identity being promoted in their children.

This trend is just one symptom of the progressive cultural dry rot that has turned its back on our Judeo-Christian heritage.

Robinson is absolutely right that violating the order created by God does not lead to human flourishing. Those who embrace the LGBT lifestyle are free to do so. Please don’t try to force it on others.

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