KUOW – Friends with benefits

There is a social scenario of how romantic relationships are supposed to develop, and this scenario can prevent us from becoming physically intimate with friends and continuing to be friends, no more and no less. In this episode, we try to figure out what would be possible if we hadn’t drawn such sharp lines between sex and friendship, and how to fix things when crossing the lines gets messy.

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Experts in this episode:

Quill Kukla is professor of philosophy and senior researcher at the Kennedy Institute of Ethics at Georgetown University

Cassie Herbert is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Illinois State University

Find out more about the ideas in this story:

Getting off the Relational Escalator: An Uncommon Love and Life by Amy Gahran

Sisters of Pornography by Reba Maybury and Esra Padgett, which features interviews with our episode’s guests, Lotus Lain and Ana Foxxx

“” She’s My Roommate: “Why and How Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual People Cheat on Friends About Their Sexual Orientation” by Yachao Li and Jennifer A. Samp in The Palgrave Handbook of Deceptive Communication

“Sexual violation and the language of repair” by Quill Kukla, Cassie Herbert and Ari Watson, to appear in Philosophy of #MeToo

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Musical theme by Infinity Knives

“In Bloom” by Moses Sumney

Connor Moore of CMoore Sound

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