John Andrew Studdard: will Duggar Cousin star in his own spin-off?


Television can’t just stop daggering, according to a new report.

Insider told Sun that Jim Bob Dagger’s cousin John Andrew Staddard is currently in talks to star on his own reality show.

What are the possible reasons?

I can’t confirm it … or even try to figure it out.

Of course, TLC has been dealing with this polarized family for years.

First, the network broadcast 19 Kids and Counting. The producer went unplugged until Josh Duggar confessed that he cheated on his wife by assaulting his sister when he was a teenager.

The network then aired a spin-off titled “Count On”. Josh Duggar arrested Owns last April on two counts of child pornography.

Some may say that a man has a serious problem.

As we can see, TLC is not necessarily the network behind this latest Duggar TV show proposal, the sources mentioned above indicate to the outlets mentioned above:

“John Andrew was probably told to do something, but nothing was set, it would be about him navigating his life as an Asian American.

“On reality TV and in Hollywood, we don’t see a lot of Asian Americans in general. He wants the opportunity to change that.

“Growing up as the only Asian was a struggle for him. “

John Andrew Studdard

Conclusion This speculative report:

“He’s ready to show his true personality. Now that his family is away from television, making reality TV is what he wants to resume.

In honor of John Andrew, he has used his platform for many years to promote various LGTBQ rights and to publicize life in Asia.

He grew up in a much more rigorous and conservative home than the children of Jim Bob and Michelle Dagger, and could bring a new perspective to a small screen.

The people of all these good deals

Should I still offer my TV show to anyone else involved in the Dagger family?

John Andrew had previously told Sun that he “felt” his loved ones: cancel the countdown.

“TLC is not creating an extra season for the account,” referring to Josh’s huge legal issue, adding that then executives said:

“TLC thinks it’s important to give the Daggers the opportunity to take care of their situation personally. “

Josh Duggar is a bad father

John Andrew said shortly after:

“Sad. I contacted a family member in May, but it’s probably best for him to take a break from the TV and solve the problem in a closed room.

But the reality TV star doesn’t sympathize with Josh.

“I think everyone should have the consequences for doing something illegal and terrible. What he did was very wrong, ”continued John Andrew.

Josh and Anna looking back

waiting for…

Josh’s wife Anna, who is pregnant with her seventh child, has stood by her husband’s side despite vicious accusations.

John Andrew seems disappointed with this decision, but he is not stunned.

“It’s no surprise that Anna is by his side. Divorce is not a big deal for them, ”he said.

“After that, I won’t be with anyone anymore… I don’t know what they are thinking.”

John Andrew Studdard: will Duggar Cousin star in his own spin-off? Source link John Andrew Studdard: Will Duggar Cousin star in his own spin-off?


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