Jinger Duggar: Ben Seewald is scary and he married Jessa for the glory!


A lot has happened in the Dagger family these days.

Josh Duggar’s arrest on suspicion of child pornography often puts the entire Counting On clan in a loop and the family seems to fall apart at the scene.

Dagger was embroiled in internal discord prior to Josh’s arrest, and recently the family feud that would have already made headlines in the tabloids is overshadowed by the ongoing drama surrounding Josh. I go.

As an example, Zinger Dagger cast a long shadow over Yesa’s husband, Ben Seewald, and hardly anyone noticed.

As you may know, Ben was the second suitor to marry the Dagger clan after his family rose to fame on the first TLC reality show.

And Zinger seems somewhat skeptical of his sister’s motives for seducing him.

Ben and Jessa met when they attended a Sunday service at Daggers Church.

And obviously, this was a common practice among skilled Christian singles at the time, most of whom seemed to want a piece of the family’s fortune.

Jim Bob’s daughters seemed well aware that enthusiastic young men who wanted the opportunity to appear on television could use them.

Ben was one of the dubious characters who suddenly became interested in joining the Daggers congregation and appeared out of nowhere, but Jessa seems to have been struck by her future husband from the start.

Pregnancy announcement by Yesa Dagger and Ben Seewald

However, while Jessa may have been thoroughly with Ben from the start, her sister seems to have had some serious questions.

Zinger appeared at a dinner party on the Jeremy Fall podcast last week, discussing all the shady suitors she and her sister encountered in the early days of fame.

“A lot of people came to visit our families and our church from time to time, which was good for some,” Zinger revealed.

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“They were thinking, ‘Oh, when I come to your church, it’s in me,'” she added.

Zinger went on to explain that the man who appeared on the bench without warning was usually immediately ignored.

But Jessa was struck by Ben as soon as she met him – and the rest is history.

Benzewwald on YouTube

“It was so strange” Who are you? I don’t know you, ”Zinger said of a stranger chasing her and her sister at the time.

“The relationship side of things wasn’t even there,” he would say, “Oh, I’ve been hanging out for a while and got to know your family, and then you’ll see if there’s something going on. “It didn’t look like it,” she explained.

“They’ll say to my family, my parents or something like that, ‘Oh yeah, I’m very interested in your daughter.'”

TLC Ben and Yesa Seewald

Zinger never mentioned Ben by name in the interview, but it’s impossible not to think of him based on Zinger’s explanation.

After all, that’s exactly how Ben and Jessa met!

Jessa explained their first meeting in a blog post in 2017 on Ben’s birthday.

Ben Seewald's birthday

“When I turned to you, a 17-year-old man, I never dreamed of what the future would bring us. It was 10:15 am Sunday morning. Count on Star writes.

“I was late for church because I was towing my two brothers through the door. In the midst of the turmoil, I found you, a “new man”, and our eyes momentarily. I met… ”, continued Jessa.

From there, Ben gave Jessa a Bachelor of Science degree on how he was in the area because he was “thinking” about applying to the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville.

Yesa Seewald, Ben, Children

Ben took a weekend trip from his native Arkansas hot springs to visit his school, and when it was time to attend a Sunday service, he arrived at the same place of worship as Dagger. ..

Of course, Zewald never enrolled in college, but he didn’t have to enroll because he married the wealthy Dagger clan shortly after his first meeting with Yesa.

Oh yeah, it’s not really hard to see why Zinger is a little wary of a man’s motives.

Jinger Duggar: Ben Seewald is scary and he married Jessa for the glory! Source link Jinger Duggar: Ben Seewald is creepy and he married Jessa for fame!


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