Jake Johnson Opens Up About His New ‘Minx’ Show, When Olivia Rodrigo Appeared On ‘New Girl’, And Obsessing With Nick Miller

Charm: Did you read any women’s magazines while preparing for this role?

Jacques Johnson: Well, that’s funny. Ellen, our showrunner, sent me Vintage Playgirls. And so they were in my house and I had a time when they were on my dresser and I felt very embarrassed to have dirty men’s magazines in my house. [Laughs] For example, my daughters invite friends over and I’m like, “I can’t have a bunch of little kids finding a retro male nude magazine.” Put that in my house, man.

When you leafed through the magazines, did anything surprise you?

Look, it’s 2022 and the explosion of internet porn has already happened. Sorry for the word explosion. But no. I mean, maybe if I saw this magazine in the 70s, seeing a naked male body would be so strange. But in the most heterosexual pornography of the time – which only looks like guys that guys watch – there is always penis!

[Laughs] There’s this big gap when you talk about this show, like, “There’s penises in it.” This is going to be off-putting for a lot of men. These men see 100 penises a day! I don’t think they will care.

At the premiere, Doug says something like, “There’s a million places men can see boobs, but there’s nowhere women can see dongs.” I was wondering how you think this concept translates to television. Having more male nudity on TV is like Minx’s erection of the penis equals female nudity on screen? Does it have the same effect?

Honestly, I don’t know, but I do know that the more stuff there is, the more things normalize. I have young daughters. Two girls. They are twins, they are less than 10 years old. They saw a lot of female heroes. They know Brie Larson, and they know wonder woman. They don’t watch guys’ superhero movies just because they don’t like them. They didn’t grow up when I grew up where that wasn’t an option. So, I feel like the more things are out there and normalized, the more the younger generations will grow up with the world of…in their entertainment, they’ve seen it all.

Of course, Nick and Jess (Zooey Deschanel) are one of the best couples in sitcom history, and I get similar vibes from Doug and Joyce (Lovigood) as well as Doug and his right-wing wife, Tina (Idara Victor). Who is your favorite TV couple?

Sam and Diane, no doubt. When we did new girlZooy, [creator Elizabeth Meriwether] and I was always talking about Sam and Diane. We talked Cheers. The idea of ​​showing a man and a woman having tension, being equal, different, but really attracted to each other…I feel like that’s such a fun way to do it. This has always been the relationship you are looking for, in my opinion.

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