Insulting, dishonest coalition payment offer

In the first line
Your correspondent refers to teaching as a profession which must be improved by action and not by surveys (Letters, 1/2). Now that children are back in school, it’s time we recognize the commitment and sacrifice of teachers. Under the most adverse conditions, they are expected to assess, plan, instruct, engage, provide feedback, dialogue (the list is endless) as well as meet all the bureaucratic demands that keep them away. of their teaching. It’s what I would do if I was still teaching – and it makes my head spin.
Throughout the pandemic, teachers have remained vigilant, diligent and consistent in caring for their students, often at significant personal cost. They sought to inspire against all odds. It’s time to reconsider how we reward those who contribute the most to society, to listen to their calls for better pay, pensions and better conditions. Teachers shape our nation. They are on the front line and we have to take care of them.
Bryan Long, Balwyn

Buckle up
I don’t remember any rallies protesting mandatory seat belts in vehicles as a health and safety measure 50 years ago. In the national interest, the anti-vaxxer squad should find something useful to do with their time and energy as the rest of us fight this serious virus.
Tony Delaney, Warrnambool

Conflict of interest
The Ministry of Agriculture is responsible for both the welfare of farm animals and the support and promotion of the animal agriculture industry (“Veterinarians point out cruelty in the meat industry” , 31/1). It’s a ridiculous conflict of interest, and animals still pay a terrible and heartbreaking price. An independent animal welfare office is urgently needed.
Cheryl Forrest Smith,
Mona Vale, New South Wales

More salary, more staff
It is an absolute insult to aged care staff to offer a cash bonus. Their wages need to be increased immediately and then maybe more people will be willing to work in elderly care.
Mary Fenelon, East Doncaster

Payment solves nothing
Will $800 per senior, payable before the election, solve the crisis in the industry? This money could have been used to hire more people. What these tired workers need are solutions, not payments.
John Andrews, North Fitzroy

He just doesn’t see
NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet said the NSW government “always knew” COVID deaths would rise after reopening. How many deaths will it take before he knows too many people are dead? Since it’s an airborne virus, I suspect the response will just be blown by the wind.
Terry Kelly, North Fitzroy

What is most important?
Grace Tame snubbed the Prime Minister. Is it more important that the Prime Minister ignore all improper conduct within Parliament that has come to his attention?
Liz Middleton, Clematis

No point in the fine
Michael Gleeson (1/2) makes a valid point about the tennis stars being fined. It’s water off a duck’s back. Taking points, games, even winning them is the only way to change their behavior. Especially for the intolerable racket abuse.
Tony Jackson,

poor eyesight
Oliver Brown’s (1/2) article downplaying Rafael Nadal’s performance by suggesting it was somewhat marred by Djokovic’s shadow, can only be considered a double fault.
To claim that Daniil Medvedev is not of Novak Djokovic’s caliber conveniently ignores his loss to Djokovic at the US Open last year. Djokovic has won several of his majors with one or more of the other three injured. Does this cast a shadow over his accomplishments? It shouldn’t, any more than Djokovic’s absence from this tournament should tarnish Nadal’s remarkable performance.
Brown’s take on the tournament is insulting to Nadal and should be seen for what it is. Foot fault (in the mouth).
Geoff Warren, Anglesea

Free Trials
Why should people pay huge sums for RATs when if they test positive they might not have income next week? Does the government not understand the basics of life safety? Why do we have to pay for these tests? It is certainly far more important that people are encouraged to test and stay home if they test positive than struggling to pay for the tests.
Eileen Ray, Ascot Vale

Mirror to itself
The Christian college that requires its members and students to sign a contract not to participate in ″⁣sexual immorality, (including but not limited to: adultery, fornication, homosexual acts, bisexual acts , bestiality, incest, pedophilia and pornography)″⁣ should himself sign a contract with the government not to accept taxpayer subsidies from a company that probably engages in activities such as adultery , fornication, homosexual, bisexual acts, and pornography, because they are not only legal, but because they are also for consenting adults to decide, not religious institutions.
Stephen Farrelly, Donvale

The Christian way
If I could open a truly Christian school, I might ask parents to sign the following contract: ″⁣I will not engage in wage theft, war, tax evasion, discrimination, or violence of any kind. I will forgive those who offend, visit the sick and prisoners, welcome the stranger and give generously to the homeless. In doing so, I will obey the divine word as set forth in the biblical scriptures and provide an example of Christian values ​​for my children.″⁣
Patrice McCarthy, Bendigo

ship repairs
Before we shell out an unknown amount of money for an unknown number of submarines to be delivered on an unknown date, maybe we should at least do a tune-up for HMAS Adelaide while we still have money in Bank.
Peter Ramadge, Newport

Relax the rules
We sympathized with those prevented from visiting seriously ill and hospitalized loved ones due to the pandemic. But we couldn’t feel their pain. Now that our family is in their situation, we are grieving not being able to see, talk to, and hug our father and brother. Our hope is for a relaxation of the rules, if only for half an hour.
Denise Langley, Bonbeach

Need to audit the future
The Australian Future Fund invests in companies that manufacture and sell weapons around the world. Recently, weapons from companies in which the fund has invested have been used against civilians in conflicts in Myanmar and Yemen. In addition, the coalition government is trying to pass legislation that would shield the fund from freedom of information scrutiny. This is certainly a appallingly unacceptable attempt to diminish our democratic right to control the actions of government.
Judy Kevill, Ringwood

Different conditions
I can understand Geoff Lawson’s (30/1) point that the upcoming Pakistan tour is important for Pakistani players and fans. However, when he was a player and coach, the Taliban were not active and suicide bombers did not target Westerners but were concerned about Russians. I don’t think the situation is quite the same now and I think players and staff have every right to be worried about their safety.
John Rehfisch, Frankston

Just in time
Many thanks to Jeremy Cailes (Letters, 31/1) for reviving this magnificent word ″⁣rodomontade″⁣. That’s exactly the word I was groping for to describe Nick Kyrgios’ remarks about his contribution to the Australian Open.
Marguerite Ady,
Avondale Heights

To thank
While on the subject of non-men having a procreative function, allow me to vote for another linguistic retention. There is a beautiful expression, today neglected, which is called “to give birth”.
It has a richness involving all that accompanies human reproduction, and the often selfless effort to give life. Women are now said to “give birth” to their babies.
Childbirth deserves special attention.
Let us reserve the homophone of childbirth for ship-related activity and rejoice in childbirth as a step towards non-male parenthood (motherhood).
Chris Hughes, rye


Elderly care
Two bonuses of $400? It’s not a splash of money. Millions for sports. Now that’s a splash of cash.
Myra Fisher, East Brighton

A one-time payment of $800 – that’s enough to buy take-out coffee once a week for three years.
Peter O’Brien, Newport

How could an elderly caregiver eat $800 of pork before the election?
Jamie Inglis, Coburg

Whoopee, 40¢ an hour, or two lamb chops a week, or a bonus RAT a week for heroic elderly caregivers.
George Reed, Wheeler Hill

The two $400 bonuses for older workers should be targeted. Only those who voted for the Coalition should get it.
Kishor Dabke, Mount Waverley

I’d like to see a Monty Python skit on inclusive language.
Barry Kranz, Mount Clear

Maybe we should start calling men ‘unfeminine’ if women are ‘unmasculine’. It really is so laughable and stupid.
Ailene Strudwick, Mornington

The thesaurus will soon become irrelevant with the constant renaming in favor of minorities.
Ian Anderson, Ascot Vale

in addition
Fear not, Liberal supporters. Unlike vaccines and RATs, the supply of miracles is limitless.
John Walsh, Watsonia

Until Melbourne Airport has its rail connection, adding another runway will only make matters worse.
Jennifer Nicholls, Armadale

Like flat earthers, it seems that anti-vaxxers, climate science deniers and other conspiracy theorists suffer from the same thing: reality phobia.
Henry Herzog, St Kilda East

Any serious sportsman or woman, any sport, who wants to compete, will get footage of Rafael Nadal’s victory. See just the right amount, gorgeous.
Doug Perry, Mount Martha

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