I observed an Anime group chat for two days. Here’s how it went

I’m not nosy, but my 17 year old younger brother always talks about how funny the guys are on his anime group chats. I was bored, so I begged him to send me an invite.

As someone who spent an uncomfortable time on heated group chats when I was 16, I know how messy, but funny they can be? I had to see.

People of the earth, that boy lied. All these boys do is argue and share hentai links, and now I’m afraid my brother’s humor is broken. Here are the things I noticed during my two days on the group chat.

They don’t text during the day

I learned this the hard way when I joined in the morning and tried to introduce myself. I had the broadcast of a lifetime. E hurts me small, but who died from having been diffused? Exactly, nobody.

They all come in as evil spirits at 11 p.m., because that’s when their midnight data starts working, so they can download anime and fight.

One of the rare occasions when they sent messages during the day. The next answer was 7.

These boys could stay single forever

The first thing I saw when signing up was a link to Hentai Haven. Why are they casually sharing porn? That’s when I decided to read their group information and I was scared for my life.

I wish they were joking, but people presented themselves that way.

The lack of girls

It’s not that there aren’t any girls on the group chat. They just don’t talk, and I don’t blame them.

The only time I saw a girl talking, she said she didn’t like Vinland Saga, and they dragged her for at least an hour. Then they started wondering if she really liked anime.

I guess that gives you a preamble of why I only lasted two days.

They always argue

I don’t control what these boys do with their midnight data, but why would you use it to discuss characters that don’t even exist in the same anime? When could you download or stream anime?

Sir, first of all, what is that name?

Then there’s that guy who watches the back of the TV or likes to start the drama.

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And this guy who is obviously the clown of the group.

There’s this guy who has a little taste… a little

I had already braced myself for an insane amount of “new anime” conversations. But there’s this guy who’s always trying to get the band to watch older anime by creating memes like these:

A play should have placed first, but that’s good too.

To be on this group chat, you have to be tough because they will insult you for stupid takes

After spending time with these guys, I’ve come to the conclusion that anime fans aren’t very nice people. Why are you arguing with someone about a fictional character? I say this knowing that if someone comes to get my favorite, I will insult their ancestors.

This guy deserved the insults, why would you disrespect him Haikyuu?

Society will never be free of fellow memes

For two days, I felt trapped in “the wrong place”. You can’t scroll without seeing at least 10 fellow memes. Now I live in fear of seeing these things when I close my eyes:

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Why are they using boring usernames?

Dear Uvuvwevwevwe onyetenvewve ugwemubwem osas, your mother did not name you Shikamaru. Do you know how annoying it is to see a WhatsApp popup notification from someone called Orochimaru? What happened to nicknames like Pweshyboi001 or GangsterTobs123? Two days on this group chat and I tapped into my inner Nigerian dad.

Whoever said he had mental issues wasn’t lying.

They drag other cinematic universes into their problems

There’s always this guy ready to shout “Batman will beat Goku” or “Superman will beat One Punch Man”. From where to where? Comparing Marvel or DC characters to anime characters makes no sense because in which multiverse will they have to fight?

I’m an anti-military regime, but this guy was quickly fired, which made me happy.

I considered staying another day, but the next morning I woke up to over 1,000 messages.

From a group chat? Please, please, I am an elderly person.

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