‘I have to digest this as I head to a BBQ’: Carol Adams slammed for calling meat eating ‘white supremacist’

Animal rights activist and feminist Carol Adams has been lambasted online for her ‘woke’ speech at the Oxford Union’s ‘Beyond Meat’ debate on Wednesday February 9. In her speech, the 71-year-old said eating meat is tied to a ‘patriarchal worldview of white supremacy’ and that white supremacists have ‘weaponized’ the consumption of meat, eggs and produce. dairymen to reclaim their wounded masculinity.

The author of “Meat Pornography: New and Updated Edition” mentioned that eating “dead bodies” of animals is “massaged by euphemistic language”. She continued: “To be eaten, animals must die out as living beings, that is, be killed. They then disappear conceptually as so many of the forms in which we eat dead animals are massaged by euphemistic language (like) hamburgers, steak, pork, bacon… Even the speaker just before me mentioned “turkeys” , he speaks of dead turkeys slaughtered with part of their body eaten. Meat eaters order a leg of lamb, not a leg of lamb (and) your burger comes with a dose of misogyny.


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Adams then gave examples of the 9/11 attacks and a black man elected president of the United States to prove his point that men claim their “wounded masculinity” by consuming meat, eggs and produce. dairy.

She said, “That’s why after 9/11 the focus on men as heroes and eating meat became part of the recovery of a wounded masculinity. When a black man was elected president of the United States, we saw how white this wounded masculinity was,” before adding, “White supremacists militarized by eating meat, eggs and dairy, images of white men drinking milk, moaning platters of meat, and the baiting of liberal men as so-called soy boys are all part of neo-Nazi messaging. It is their right”, say the neo-Nazis, “it is their identity”. The author also stated that “our whiteness is part of the meat eating problem.”

However, people seemed unconvinced by her theory when one user tweeted, “What did she say that made sense? Meat is truly “white supremacy”. I know a lot of women who love meat and eggs! Another user wrote, “I can’t even watch without almost getting sick. It really is a mental disorder. Where the hell do ideas like this even come from. If I ever found out that one of my children witnessed something like this, I would drop to my knees and mourn my failure as a parent. “I have to digest this as I head to the barbecue here in Palm Coast, Florida. I will, however, scold the alligator for eating fish. Also eagles and ospreys. How dare they!” the third user added.

One person said sarcastically, “Hilarious stuff right there. I’m glad I didn’t drink something when I listened to this, otherwise I’d have to clean my monitor right away. The second noted, “I guess that’s an eloquent speech. Still, it’s a shame she didn’t mention misgenesis in my home country, Nicaragua, where the feminicide figure is 70/year. Dozens of children traumatized watching their drunken father kill their mother But I guess hamburgers are more important.

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