How the Perfect Edition of Project A-Ko saved an anime classic

Discotek Media company announced that it is finally bringing “Project A-ko” to Blu-ray in September 2020, and fans were shocked. The idea of ​​the film coming to Blu-ray was impossible, but Discotek’s plan to use Domesday Duplicator and AstroRes technology was a revolutionary change. Justin Sevakis, CEO of MediaOCD, the production entrepreneur of Discotek, claimed that the Domesday Duplicator was able to capture and digitize RF signals from multiple laser disc sources, allowing high quality transfers from discs. laser, despite previous attempts not being as sharp as they could. Sadly, it still wouldn’t have been as good in quality as restoring the original 35mm print, but it was a start.

Around the same time as their business, a distributor known as AnimEigo set out to restore the 1987 “Metal Skin Panic MADOX-01”. When the film was finally released on DVD, Robert Woodhead, the founder and CEO of AnimEigo, noted during feature films that he had the option of acquiring a “MADOX-01” or “Project A-ko” license, and joked that his decision not to sue the film was a terrible business decision. Woodhead received a list of films stored in the Tokyo Genzōsho (Togen) Film Archives in his search for “MADOX-01” footage, and next to it was “Project A-ko”. Turns out the film wasn’t actually lost, it sat in storage for decades. No one knew how to find it or even that it existed, as the original 35mm print had been mislabelled.

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