Heather Dubrow’s daughter Kat comes out as a lesbian

Real Housewives of Orange County star Heather Dubrow’s daughter Kat is coming out as a lesbian two years after her older sister Max came out as bisexual.

Heather Dubrow’s daughter Kat came out as a lesbian two years later The Real Housewives of Orange County The star’s eldest daughter has revealed she is bisexual. Heather and her family have been absent from the show since the end of season 11. Although Heather has never given a concrete reason as to why she left, it is widely acknowledged by fans that her issues with Kelly Dodd have left her led to this decision. Speculation that might have been her reason intensified when Heather announced she was returning for Season 16 after it was announced that Kelly had not been invited back. Heather doesn’t think Kelly is classy, ​​and Kelly thinks Heather looks down on her and the rest of the cast. It doesn’t look like they can fix things in the near future.


If Heather had hoped for a season where she got along with all the women, she’s probably disappointed. She and newbie Noella Bergener disagree on just about everything. It started when Heather heard people other than Noella call her fake and fake, and got worse when Noella claimed that Heather was pushing people into walls at a party at her house. It all came to a head in Mexico, when Noella started fighting with everyone, which annoyed Heather, who in turn accused Noella of offering pornography to her daughter Max to celebrate the launch of her delivered.

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Heather’s 15-year-old daughter Kat recently came out as a lesbian. As reported by People, Kat came out two years after her older sister Max came out as bisexual. Heather revealed that about a year after Max came out privately, Kat began openly discussing her sexual identity with her family, but did not confirm how she identified in those conversations. After having these conversations for a while, Kat decided to hang out with her family via family group text, casually mentioning that she was a lesbian. According to Heather, she is upset by her own response, having not read Kat’s text before sending another message to the group angrily asking who allowed the dogs to poop in the house. For Heather and her husband Terry Dubrow, it’s important their children know they can come to them for anything, and they will always support them. Sharing their family’s message of acceptance is one of the reasons they came back RHOC.


It seems that Heather and Terry managed to create that safe space they wanted for their children. Kat revealed during an interview with People, that Heather asked her a million questions after she came out, which for Kat meant her mom cared about her and tried to figure her out. She added that she never had to feel nervous about telling her mother anything and felt comfortable talking to her about anything. Max, who came out to Heather two years ago through a private text chat, says she feels the same way. She says that even though her mother doesn’t always understand everything the first time around, she is constantly trying to educate herself and learn everything she can, in order to be as supportive as possible.

While Heather’s relationship with her family is strong, the same cannot be said for her relationship with her. The Real Housewives of Orange County co-stars. It will be interesting to see if she and Noella can work things out, or if it turns into another Kelly vs. Heather type situation.

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