HBO Max’s Minx: Where Else You’ve Seen The Cast

The first season of HBO Max Naughty recently completed, starring Joyce Prigger creating a controversial feminist magazine in the 1970s. The show shines a light on the industry’s misogynistic underpinnings as her aspirations are hijacked and twisted, though she later learns how to operate in the system to achieve its ends.

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Naughty brings together a unique cast to tell this story, each with their own brand of humor. While there’s no news of a renewal yet, viewers can hold out hope — and in the meantime, they can check out these other TV shows and movies to see the cast elsewhere.


Ophelia Lovegood (Joyce Prigger) – Guardians of the Galaxy

Ophelia Lovibond as Joyce Prigger in MInx and Carina in Guardians of the Galaxy

British actress Ophelia Lovibond stars in Naughty as the lead, Joyce Prigger. She is a graduate of Vasser College, having previously worked at The New Yorker for a time before deciding to strike out on her own and pursue her lifelong dream of starting her own magazine. Joyce agrees to work with Doug Renetti, publisher of the disrespected Bottom Dollar Publications, although it requires him to sacrifice his message a bit.

Lovibond might be a familiar face to Marvel fans for her role as Carina, the Collector’s Slave in Thor: The Dark World and guardians of the galaxy. In the latter, she attempted to harness the power of the Power Stone to get revenge on her master to no avail. Lovibond can also be seen in a recurring role on CBS Elementary like Kitty Winter and the British mockumentary sitcom, W1A.

Jake Johnson (Doug Renetti) – New Girl

Jake Johnson as Doug Renetti in Minx and Nick in New Girl

Opposite Lovibond is Jake Johnson as Doug Renetti. As he gives Joyce his big break from publishing his magazine, Minx through his company, Bottom Dollar Publishing. Along the way, he ends up perverting his work, hiding his articulate and probing feminist articles among smut and for some readers, pornography. Despite this, he is not the antagonist of the series and the two work quite well together.

Jake Johnson is probably the most recognizable actor in Naughty for his time as Nick on New girl. The role has won the hearts of viewers around the world for being an adorable and chaotic mess. He is also known for playing Peter Parker’s Spider-Man in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and its future sequel, Spider-Man: Through the Spider-Versewhich has unfortunately been postponed to 2023.

Idara Victor (Tina) – Rizzoli & Isles

Idara VIctor as Tina in Minx and Nina in Rizzoli & Isles

Idara Victor plays Tina, the loyal secretary of Bottom Dollar Publishing. As the show progresses, she is revealed to be Doug’s partner in more ways than one, rising in the business to become a writer while developing a genuine and romantic relationship with him. She’s the most guarded character, but she starts to open up towards the end of the season, and hopefully that continues in season two.

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Victor has starred in several TV shows, from recurring roles to starring roles, including the TNT crime drama. Rizzoli and islands. She joined the cast as crime scene analyst Nina Holiday in season five before being upgraded to the main cast for the final two seasons. She was also part of the AMC drama, TURИ: Washington’s spies as agent 355.

Lennon Parham (Shelly) – Gambling House

Lennon Parham as Shelly in Minx and Maggie in Playing House

Playing the role of the classic American housewife in the 1970s in Naughty is Lennon Parham as Shelly. She offers a varied voice compared to the other women, Joyce, Tina, and Bambi, and is definitely one of the funniest characters on the show. Shelly comes to work alongside Joyce developing Minx, though their relationship is strained when Joyce reveals confidential information about Shelly’s marriage and sex life.

Parham is particularly recognizable for his previous roles in comedies like Lady Dynamite and accidentally intentionally. She created and starred in the American sitcom play at home alongside frequent collaborator Jessica St. Clair. Many will also know Parham as Selina Meyer’s yes-wife Karen Collins in Veep.

Jessica Lowe (Bambi) – The Virtuous Gemstones

Jessica Lowe as Bambi in Minx and Lindy Lissons in The Righteous Gemstones

Bambi, played by Jessica Lowe, goes through one of the best journeys across Naughty. She graduated from vapid model for Bottom Dollar Publishing to active consultant and creative mind for Minx. Along the way, her bubbly personality and generosity continually stole the hearts of viewers, making her by far one of the most lovable characters on the show.

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2022 has been a great year on HBO for Jessica Lowe. Not only was she in the main cast for Naughtybut she also joined Virtuous Gemstones in a major recurring role. She played Lindy Lissons, wife and business partner of Lyle Lissons, played by Eric André. Lowe is also remembered as Ginger in Adam Sandler’s 2014 film, Mix.

Oscar Montoya (Richie) – Bless the Deer

Oscar Montoya as Richie in Minx and David in Bless the Harts

Bottom Dollar Publishing’s talented photographer, Richie, is portrayed by Oscar Montoya. Although he is quite content with his current position, he has high hopes of advancing in the world. As such, he will take full advantage of the situation he finds himself in, such as when invited to a pool party by a fan. Richie also learns the ways of the industry and his co-workers, so much so that he knows how to play Doug while negotiating to support Joyce.

This is Oscar Montoya’s biggest on-screen role to date, but he has extensive voice-over experience for animated TV shows. He voiced several characters on Fox’s bless the deer, mainly David, Violet’s best friend. He also voiced the character Quatronostro in many episodes of Adult Swim’s final season. final space.

Michel Angarano (Glenn) – sky high

Michael Angarano as Glenn in Minx and Will in Sky High

When the first episodes of Naughty came out, it seemed really natural for the show to establish Joyce and Doug as love interests. It all started with Glenn – played by Michael Angarano – and Joyce splitting up as she moved forward with her audacious plan for a feminist magazine. As such, this romantic void sat empty for a while, but it came back in a more sympathetic mood, and it looks like they’ve started up again together.

Michael Angarano is likely a familiar face to many viewers nostalgic for playing the protagonist, Will Stronghold, in sky highand Elliot in will and grace. He began to gain recognition from the 2000 semi-autobiographical film almost known as a young William Miller. More recently, he appeared in a few episodes of PEN15 alongside his wife, Maya Erskine.

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