Glory, glory in South Sydney as Antony Albanese sworn in by David Hurley

After a racy name change to “Reason Australia” in 2018, Patten nearly lost his spot on the state’s colorful upper house cross-bench, showing that sometimes it’s really all in the name.

Gardner tells CBD that he and his Cannabis colleagues, buoyed by the Senate results and their efforts in the Western Australian election last year where they managed to get two of their candidates into Parliament, are now targeting the polls. of State in Victoria this year and NSW in 2023 and dare to dream of upper house checks and balances status.

“We said ‘Free the Weed’ and the Australians responded,” Gardner said on Monday. You have been warned.

No rhyme or reason

In sad news for the wider Reason family, the party’s star NSW Senate candidate Jeanne Caro cannot be described as anything other than a flop.

As of Monday afternoon, the feminist activist, writer and broadcaster and her two party colleagues had amassed the grand total of 13,232 votes, or 0.63 of the votes cast in the state. To put that into context, Caro has more Twitter followers (161,000) than votes.

But she wasn’t the only big name struggling in the Senate race. Human title Derryn Hinch and his Justice Party won just 21,000 votes in Victoria, while the former top South Australian independent Nick Xenophon and his colleague Griff Stirling were seated on 15,429.

Former army commando and pay-per-view porn model Heston Russell failed to catch the attention of voters in Queensland with his fellow Australian Values ​​Party registering just under 7,000 votes on Monday afternoon.

Stay in the Sun State, University of Queensland anti-Chinese Communist Party stunt dealer Drew Pavlou fared less well with the Drew Pavlou Democratic Alliance which recorded only 2215 ticks.

POINT: Meanwhile, Parliament in Canberra is still echoing aftershocks of Saturday night’s seismic shift in Australian politics.

The Parliamentary Services Department wasted no time in ripping the nameplates off the office doors of the soon to be vacated ministerial wing when he was the outgoing Deputy Prime Minister. Barnabas Joyce and his chief of staff James Smithwere seen sucking on cigarettes in the Opposition Leader’s courtyard while making phone calls.

The Labor gang of five were still in their opposition offices, before Albanese and his new Foreign Secretary Penny Wong flew out for the Quad talks in Tokyo. The new DPM Richard Marlesfreshly minted Jim Chalmers and finance minister Katy Gallagher were spotted walking around with big smiles on their faces between briefings from their department heads.

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