Gettr reserves the management of Donald Trump after the ban of a fake account: “It’s in the safe”

A new conservative social media website has reserved a handful exclusively for Donald Trump after a fake account with tens of thousands of followers was banned from the platform.

Gettr CEO Jason Miller, previously Trump’s senior adviser, has confirmed that the handle is now “in the vault” and reserved exclusively for the former president.

Washington Examiner right-wing publication shared an article on the reservation. Miller said: “A true story! We have protected the handle, and only President Trump can activate it.”

Miller’s statement comes after Gettr banned an account pretending to be Trump that had managed to gain 23,400 followers before it was deleted.

The account had promised “uncensored posts” and garnered thousands of likes and shares before it was ultimately suspended.

Gettr does not allow users to register as other people unless the account is managed by their social media team or another authorized person. It also reserves the right to delete and count “for any reason”.

Trump’s impostor was one of the many fake accounts that popped up on Gettr and was among many issues plaguing the social media website after it went live.

Gettr had been tainted by users sharing porn images and GIFs after Gettr uploaded its first welcome message.

According to Mother Jones, many users spam the welcome message itself with hentai graphics and photoshopped Hilary Clinton facial images on a naked female body.

After the mass trolling, Miller said Gettr solved several issues and the rig “got things done.”

He added, “You know you get things done when they come after you. The problem was detected and fixed within minutes, and all the intruder could accomplish was change a few usernames.”

The Twitter-style service launched earlier this month and had been touted as an anti-censorship platform for conservative voices and reportedly gained over a million followers shortly after it went live.

It was created, right-wing and conservative figures were purged by the big tech companies for their content.

Then-President Donald Trump was not immune when he was banned from major social media platforms, including Twitter and Facebook, following the January 6 riot on Capitol Hill.

Trump attempted a retaliation and has since launched legal action against Facebook, alleging that the platform violated his rights and those of other First Amendment users by censoring content and suspending his account indefinitely.

News week contacted Gettr for comment.

Former President Donald Trump on Saturday denounced the Open Championship for not having taken place at his golf course in Scotland. Donald Trump has a nickname reserved for him on Gettr.
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