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Spanish singer Rosalía has been doing trainspotting with TikTok sensation Francis Bourgeois – the country’s favorite trainspotter.

Writing on TikTok, Francis said: “I was hoping to see a Class 91 at Kings Cross. Amazingly, I ended up seeing @La Rosalie too!”

“Wait a minute – right Rosalía?” he says in the video. As he approached the Spanish singer-songwriter who was standing further down the platform, he said, “I’m going to say hello to him. I love his music.

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We know Francis is a lifelong music fan, as he occasionally drops his own music – including this rap-style beat with catchy drums and catchy touches on the British Rail Class 465 trains.

Rosalía was then approached by Bourgeois, who asked what had brought her to Kings Cross station in London. ” What are you here?” she replied. To which he replied, “I’m checking the Class 91s.”

The pair then waved goodbye to an LNER train as it left the station. Francis shouted “thank you” to the passengers and crew of the train.

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This unexpected association has prompted many surprise reactions from personalities and organizations online, including BBC Radio 1 who commented “yes yes yes to this collaboration”.

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Rosalía just released her third album, “Motomami”, on Friday March 18th. It was a long-awaited decision from the singer – and it came after the release of singles “Hentai”, “La Fama”, “Saoko” and “Chicken Teriyaki”.

His new album features tracks written by the likes of James Blake and a feature by The Weeknd.

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Francis Bourgeois met Sam Fender and his band at the 2022 BandLab NME Awards at Brixton Academy earlier this month. Other prominent TikToker followers include Joe Jonas and Thierry Henry.

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