Feedback from Forever Purge fans


Get ready, because the start of the Annual Purge is officially back with the latest installment in the horror franchise.

The purge forever dropped on July 2, with a new gang of masked threats to terrify the public to the very end.

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Audiences couldn’t stop raving about the included cast, the intrigue on the edge of your seat, or the fact that this could be one of the best movies to join. The purge family to date.

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We’ve gathered the best fan reactions to The purge forever until now. Check them out below:


#TheForeverPurge will blow your mind. The biggest and boldest entry in @blumhouse’s manic series. The louder the theater, the bigger the action. You are not ready. 🔥

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I just watched The Forever Purge and I need all the natives / native people TO WATCH IT 🔥🔥🔥All I’m going to say is… .✨REPRESENTATION✨

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As gruesome and gory as the Purge movies can be, they still provide some really solid social commentary, which is cool to see in a series, so we’ll know! Forever Purge: maybe trigger for some, but really solid movie and well done

Twitter: @Seavey_Chris


#TheForeverPurge feels like a culmination of franchise themes, executed in the most impactful manner yet. Tense, action packed & emotionally investing. What once seemed like a silly concept became hopelessly real in 2021, and the franchise has never been so spooky.

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I liked #TheForeverPurge. This franchise sometimes seems too close to real life, but it’s the real horror. I’ve seen them all. It was one of my favorites. (But yeah … looks like one of the events in the movie could hit the headlines any day now.) #Horror

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