Excuse me, how much does Skyrim on Switch cost?

We’re starting to see the dawn of $70 games, with AAA releases like the Final Fantasy 7 Remake (opens in a new tab) and Call of Duty pushing for that extra bit of moolah. Okay, making or remaking big games is difficult and expensive, but what about $70 for a port of a year-long remaster of an 11-year-old game? Skyrim Anniversary Edition on Switch (opens in a new tab) says “do it that way”.

The Skyrim Anniversary Edition (opens in a new tab), not to be confused with 2013’s Skyrim Legendary Edition or 2016’s Skyrim Special Edition, which launched last November on next-gen consoles and PCs. Its advantage over the 2016 Special Edition is about right the inclusion of the previous 48 Creation Club items (premium mods approved for sale by Bethesda) alongside 26 new Creation Club items. The Switch never had the Special Edition, so this new version is also the first instance of the upgraded version of the SE’s Creation Engine on the console, as well as the only way to access one of those Creation Club doodads.

I hope this gave you less of a headache reading it than I had writing it, but it only gets worse. The 2021 version of the Anniversary Edition was “only” $50! Not only is the Switch’s Anniversary Edition’s $70 price point in the air, it also highlights the absurdity of the base game’s ongoing $60 cost on the system – an indignity when I got it. had in 2017 and absolute nonsense in 2022.

For those prices, you can get every Elder Scrolls game, including Skyrim on Steam or GOG, with enough money for a hoagie or a bad haircut. The inherent PC flexibility and dedicated community of NexusMods would also allow you to customize your games with things like Goku or hentai.

And why haven’t any of those other Bethesda Elder Scrolls or Fallouts games made it to Switch? In the absence of a well-deserved Oblivion Platinum Jubilee Edition, I will one day spit in the face of God and install my physical copy of the Oblivion Game of the Year Edition on my Steam Deck via a Frankenstein Blu-ray USB drive device. Ray and USB Type C hub-dongle thing.

In truth, this is all just a perverse prelude to Starfield’s 2034 Anniversary Edition, which will break new ground by costing 34 PrimeBux. It would take me seven centuries of hard work in the lithium mines to afford that!

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