Every Steven Soderbergh Movie Ranked From Worst To Best

“Sex, Lies, and Videotape” heralded the arrival of massive new talent in Tinseltown. Steven Soderbergh’s brilliant debut, complete with an original screenplay, swept the festival circuit and won tons of awards in 1989 and 1990. From the opening credits, the director’s fluid dialogue floats over several explanatory vignettes and gives immediately set the tone for this tense psychological drama. about late 20th century bourgeois boredom, perversity, passion and betrayal.

A beaming Andie MacDowell plays a neurotic, sexually smothered housewife, anxious about every global sustainability issue but oblivious to adultery in a power suit in her own bed. That’s when an eccentric with a camcorder fetish, played by a young James Spader in his breakout role, drifts around town and awakens his stunted desires.

If you missed this late ’80s flick, don’t think of it as yuppie supper theater for white-collar boomers. It’s smart, but it also feels like a personal film for Soderbergh, given that it’s his first screenplay and it’s about a mystery filmmaker whose camera effortlessly undresses attractive women. Adding to the whimsy, the smooth-skinned director made sure to cast an attractive and unconventional leading man with a big shock of flowing locks. Young James Spader is a cult. Join immediately.

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