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For this week Essential installment, we talk to the founder and editor of, Adrian bianco.

Sabukaru is an online magazine based in Tokyo with the aim of connecting “products with context, subcultures with eras and artists with the world”. The magazine is one of the few international English-language editorials that covers lesser-known subcultures and hidden gems of Japan with articles that change perspective and include introductions to must-see and up-and-coming creators, hidden spots in the city, deep dives into Japanese automotive culture, anime guides and more. Sabukaru delves deep into the archives and taps into local movements to provide viewers with a freshly curated delivery of in-depth and thought-provoking content.

Beyond Bianco magazine also runs an agency under its namesake, BIANCO BIANCO, leveraging his ten years of experience as a fashion and lifestyle specialist to advise both corporate and local brands. Below, the industry veteran shares the stories behind his Essential choices that include nostalgic items, everyday items, and favorite after-work drinks.

2WAY SHOULDER BAG special edition bagjack for ELIMINATOR
One of the cleanest shoulder bags I own that masters the balance between functionality and elegance so as not to look too much like the best #techwear hashtag posts on Instagram.

Sabukaru Network ’21 Long Sleeve T-Shirt
A cut and sewn long sleeve that we released this year. Basically similar to the legendary Uniqlo U with long sleeves, but much thicker and more robust. I have 5, and lately I go through them every day. The logo is designed by one of my up-and-coming designers.

Asahi and Pocari sweat cans
You need to keep the right balance between hydration and drinks after work. Asahi Super Dry is my favorite beer. I can drink a fairly excessive amount of cans if I want to. The Pocari Sweat helps the next day.

Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance SP, Pokémon Red
Train journeys require technology to kill time. I prefer retro gaming handhelds, and to be completely honest just looking at these three things makes me happy. I’m always looking for more, so when I found an original, sealed copy of Pokemon Red in Nagoya earlier this year, my heart skipped a beat or two.

Agnes Kruel Shotgun Shells Keychain (the 12 “red shotgun shells)
Kruel is a future designer from Tokyo and a close friend who I support and hang out with. Shotgun cartridges are one of his iconic icons.

golden boy 1
Every other weekend, I go to vintage book and manga stores around Tokyo and look for rare art books, manga and other stuff that falls under the “ultra nostalgia” category. The Golden Boy 1 ticked almost all of the boxes. I still remember when I stayed up late to watch the anime. This is straight (soft) hentai.

Pasmo card
No Pasmo No Life – simple as it is. I actually cycle most of my time – but no way around a Pasmo once you enter the Tokyo subway.

Final Home x Lomo and Leica Mini II camera bag
Take photos, wear archive fashion.

ASICS Gel-Quantum Levitrack Kiko Kostadinov
My favorite sneaker of the year. The shape and tooling of it are essential: transforming the aggressive vibe of Nike TN into an ASICS silhouette.

DEMON Poyana Boots
My favorite boots there. A very progressive silhouette that always looks classy. I have a lot of business meetings and I can’t always present myself as a sneaker boy. Everyone needs some kind of shoe that is not a sneaker.

Popeye Special BAPE from 2011
We are always on the lookout for inspiration, information and resources. You can find hundreds of old Japanese magazines in our office and this is one of my favorites.

One Piece & Dragonball Toys
You need a good crew of pirates and strong friends to be successful.

Beyond sound Essential choice, we also take this opportunity to ask Bianco a few questions about his future projects, his life in Tokyo, and more.

What are the things that you are passionate about right now?

Leading and building an agency at the same time. It’s a mad rush to see everything growing up and even working like a maniac on both sides is good because he’s our baby. We have always been invested and have been part of the street culture, but becoming active players beyond industry levels is amazing.

How does it feel to publish an international editorial from Japan?

It’s the best thing I’ve ever worked on. I have the impression that we are sitting on a rather unique project. A lot of people are interested in Japan, but the information usually stops and is limited to a certain level. We can bring content, interviews and culture from Japan that might not have been available online as such and to this extent.

How do you see Sabukaru’s expansion in the future?

We want to become physical. There will be events, a print magazine, a pop-up, cool products with collaborators, and more in-depth content on subcultures and clothing. I feel like we’ve just started and the real story begins now.

How was your experience moving and living in Tokyo, and how would you describe the pace of life?

It sounds a bit odd, but let’s say you describe your life by the amount of content you do, experience, and create in a week. If you pass that way, Tokyo is just plain wild: ultra-light speed. The things I do here in a week have filled a whole month or even more in Berlin. Everything here moves so fast and allows you to create, or just inspire yourself to an insane level. Tokyo puts you in Saiyan mode.

Three favorite places to eat?

Ramen Nishino, Mochi Buta Tonkatsu Taiyō, and Freeman Shokudo.

Take a look at Adrian Bianco’s product above and stay tuned for more. Essential features in the coming weeks.

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