English Dub Review: Tsukimichi: Moonlight Fantasy – “Human Shock”

Tsukimichi had a great start, with a terrible follow-up last week. I try to like this show, but the twist between the Isekai anime and Harem pisses me off. I didn’t enjoy either of them separately, and I’m slowly discovering that I hate them together. When the big part of the beginning is that the two women are having fun getting new Makoto names, and it’s ridiculous. Shin is now Tomoe, and Spider Woman is now Mio. Let’s see how long it takes for these to stick before the names become a sticking point.

What intrigues me is the pause between “which female demon is going to pop Makoto’s penis” and entering the village building. See all the races collected by Tomoe and Makoto, including the Mist Lizards and Mio’s Alke. After finally getting away from the village for a bit, we get some interaction with the other humans on the plane. However, back to the first episode, the curse of the goddess finally returned and humans attack Makoto. On the bright side, Makoto finally has a challenge, and he fails badly.

The most common interactions between villagers and Makoto are pretty cool, as you see the elder dwarves crafting rings to remove Makoto’s mana. After mastering his mana, he was able to tour the village and get a feel for the terrain. He finds the Adventurer’s Guild, with Tomoe, Mio, and Makoto all registering their levels, with Mio going over 1500, Tomoe reaching over 1300, and Makoto getting a net 1.

“Human Shock” was a really good world-building episode. Not only has the world near the settlement that Tomoe and Makoto stumbled into building started to thrive, Makoto has made progress in connecting with the other humans in the nearby town. “Human Shock” is… different, and that’s what I asked for. Was it something I expected? Not even a little, yet it made me want to watch next week, especially with the ending we had.

As I said at the beginning of this review, I really want to like Tsukimichi: Moonlight Fantasy. But there’s way too much bullshit that just doesn’t fit me. The Harem anime sensation started to emerge towards the end of “Human Shock,” which was a great feeling. If we could get more world building and more interaction between Makoto and the humans of this world, I’d be a happy man. Makoto’s shifting focus to getting so many women on his balls made the episode much smoother and didn’t make me want to Tsukimichi was slipping about to become hentai.

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