English Dub Review: Girlfriend, Girlfriend “How Nagisa Feels”


Naoya, Saki and Nagisa now live together. Wanting to know more about Saki and Naoya, Nagisa enters her phone and goes through her browser history…

Our opinion

This time around we have a kind of Nagisa focused episode. Although Nagisa was well-meaning in getting to know the two, she approached her a little badly when going through Saki’s smartphone. It also seems unhealthy that Nagisa missed a good chunk of school just to prepare mentally and physically in hopes of confessing to Naoya about the events that slowly led up to the first episode.

And although I normally hate romantic comedy anime where the male lead is violently abused as a punchline for a cruel joke. I don’t even feel bad for Naoya when he rightfully gets his ass booed seeing as the two girls here constantly feel pressured like Naoya could dump one of them at any time despite his willingness to do run this thing at 3 .

Overall, the first half of the episode was pure fun but not perfect. I feel like I’m watching mediocre hentai without the sex scenes, only I feel like I’m barely trying. And in the second half, it gave his audience a slight character development of Nagisa. Still, as far as the plot goes, I’m interested in how and why Nagisa fell in love with Naoya of all people. None of the classmates and even Naoya knowing her beforehand, it seems very strange. I also don’t like how Naoya doesn’t respect any of Saki’s wishes, nor does he think about the potential consequences of making such a relationship public in advance. All they have to do is just pretend they’ve never met and slowly befriend each other publicly, and then they can all hang out without drawing attention to what’s really going on behind the scenes. But as stated earlier, this spectacle and reality don’t often collide…

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