Elias gets a much needed character change. In fact, it was about time.

With WWE having made so many changes lately, we ask the question: Is Elias getting a much needed character change? Right off the bat, we’ll say yes, it is. In fact… it’s long overdue.

In a disturbing segment last Monday night on Raw, Elias was seen near a bonfire, holding his guitar. He was strumming the familiar chord he played often, or rather almost always, before he entered the ring, and instead of singing this time, he tossed the guitar into the blazing fire.

I don’t mean to exaggerate, but it was my favorite segment on Raw this week and at first I couldn’t quite know why, but over the days I pulled it off.

He deserves a change. The time has obviously come for that, but beyond that this man worked hard and tried his best to perform exceptionally at the mid-card level, but some wrestlers just aren’t meant to be just mid-card performers, and Elias is one of those people for sure.

Sure, many end up staying in that zone for their entire careers, but just one look at Elias, and you’re filled with the feeling that he was destined for more, or at least we hope he was.

The 33-year-old started wrestling in 2008. He was coached by Shirley Doe Super Hentai. He made his way through the International Wrestling Cartel, where he wrestled under the name: Heavy Metal Jesus. The IWC marks where he spent most, if not all of his days as an independent wrestler, according to Wikipedia. He walked away from that experience during those years with a Super Indy Championship and an IWC World Heavyweight Championship.

He would enter WWE in 2014, starting first with NXT.

He did well at NXT but did not leave this experience with any title. In fact, he doesn’t have anything other than the 24/7 WWE title, and maybe that’s part of the problem and why a character change happens at the right time – just in time – or can. – even be a little too late, if you ask me, but more on that in a second.

Also of note: he was ranked by Pro Wrestling Illustrated, No. 69 of the Top 500 Singles Wrestlers in 2018, a huge honor in the wrestling industry.

But all accolades aside, a gadget was what was given to him in WWE, which has always been known as the land of the gadget in wrestling.

This is why now the guitar and Elias have gone hand in hand and have been going hand in hand ever since he adopted this character even back in the days of NXT, and that’s of course why the fact that he threw away the guitar in the heat on this week’s raw is such a shock.

In the past, WWE was notorious for throwing gadgets into the ground. Was this the case for Elias? I would say yes; the company even released music – an EP – with Elias, like in 2018 WWE: Walk with Elias.

Too much?

Probably not; especially if it was going somewhere, like the John Cena album did all those years ago. What’s unfortunate about Elias is that it didn’t go beyond an interesting treat – just entertaining notoriety, which didn’t last that long, and yet all of that… that lack of fanfare, for a very gifted athlete. The word tragedy comes to mind.

For athletes like Elias, a gadget is not enough.

On the same plane, Rick Boogs is a former college wrestler. He’s a flawless athlete bursting with charisma and conviction, and they made him play guitar on the main roster. Do you know what a man like Boogs can do with people like General Aziz (Babatunde Aiyegbusi)? The caliber of match they can have …? We want to see this, and no longer the same old, as they say.

The same can be said here… of Elias.

Where they can go with Elias is in the air for sure. I’ve said this to many artists in WWE and other companies, but the sky’s the limit.

The tone of the new leadership seems to be grim, and honestly, I hope they stick with that to move forward. He needs to be self-confident and confident to move forward.

The heel that annoys but recedes when threatened is overdone and has been overdone in the past. It worked for Flair and it worked well, he’s a square circle legend and everything, but I have a feeling they should trust Elias for this character change and let him run with it.

When he’s not on WWE TV, he’s different: a little more cowardly and serene, and if he could bring that credibility and conviction to a darker character, I think he could definitely have something to do with it. end.

These days, WWE terms seem to be under threat of a ticking time bomb, so a character change at this point in his career seems scary to say the least. Because in the end, if it doesn’t work….

It’ll be very interesting to see where that goes for sure, and if he never sings or plays another chord, I feel like he’ll be okay with that, like us too.

Let’s see something in the ruthless aggression department of yesteryear, or maybe even a little more attitude in the future. If we get that, I think he and we will be very happy with the new management.

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