Duggar family split over Josh Duggar’s P * rn * graphy


Duggar’s family makes it difficult to form a united front due to Josh Duggar’s child pornography. His family is a reality TV star and for them it is not to deal with such an allegation about Jish or it can be said to be their reputation, because of Josh’s actions. Sources said that “the family is suffering but no more than their previous action, but they are under pressure and it puts stress on them, but the family always reacts or behaves in front of the media so that nothing bad has happened. product”.

Duggar family scandal

Jim Bob helps sweep things under a rug, and that points directly to Josh’s dad. His father will never speak of the scandal. And it is clear that he is trying to hide from the media and the truth about his son. The reason why does not talk about the scandal because it impacts his business. Well, the rest of Josh’s family are seen to take Jim Bob’s dismissive approach, when it comes to the Josh allegations. When TLC alum was under arrest in April due to changes in possession and involvement in child pornography. There are 96 episodes that have been canceled.

Well, this isn’t the first time Josh’s actions have made his family face humiliation. The network fired or canceled the family’s very first reality TV show that called “19 Kids and That Counts.” There was an investigation in 2006 which found Josh was convicted of teasing and harassing five underage girls, two were his sisters and it was the most shocking allegation against him. He was only 14 at the time.

Josh’s family is extremely conservative and they are Christians. On a popular reality show, they were all seen together, including her parents and 18 brothers.

A data hack had revealed the truth and a crime of Josh after he was charged with sexual assault, which he shared with six underage children with his wife who was pregnant at the time. He was found doing all of these things on the bogus website. He later even accepted that he was cheating on his wife and that he was involved in child pornography.

His family is guilty as his father ignores the media and is not ready to speak out about the allegation about his son Josh. He does this because it will definitely affect his business.


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