Duggar Family Insider Says Josh Duggar Was Fired Multiple Times As A Teenager

The arrest of Josh Duggar and the subsequent trial brought to light a lot of new information. Several former family friends and church members have come forward to reveal what was going on inside the Duggar family home. A family insider recently suggested that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar may not have told the whole truth about Josh and how they handled his teenage behavior when discussing it with the media in 2015.

In 2015, a police report describing sexual abuse inside the Duggar family home was released.

The Duggar family rose to prominence on TLC in the early 2000s. Their image looked impeccable when they first landed on their reality show, 19 children and counting. The carefully constructed facade collapsed in 2015.

In 2015, In Touch published a police report revealing that Josh Duggar, the eldest son of the family, had sexually abused several of his sisters and a family friend. The police report was filed after a social helpline received two calls about the Duggar family.

TLC immediately canceled the family show under pressure from sponsors, but the Duggars weren’t gone for long. The network renamed and refocused the show. TLC has canceled its second series, counting on, after federal marshals arrested Josh on two child pornography charges in 2021. A jury found him guilty on both counts. Josh hadn’t appeared on the reality show since 2015, but his wife, Anna Duggar, did occasionally.

Family insider claims Josh Duggar has been fired multiple times

Family insider Bowman Fedosky started talking about his experiences with the Duggar family on TikTok. He then took to Reddit to answer questions and recently sat down for an interview with Distractify.

Josh Dugar | Kris Connor/Getty Images

In a lengthy interview, Fedosky revealed that he believes Jm Bob and Michelle kicked Josh out of the Duggar home on at least three occasions. According to Fedosky, the family and those around him kept the details of Josh’s behavior a secret, choosing to say he “struggled” every time he was removed from the family home. Fedosky did not reveal what exact behaviors or incidents caused him to leave each time.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s account of the events of the early 2000s seems to be markedly different from the recollection of those within the family’s social circle. When the couple appeared on TV to discuss the sexual abuse inside their home, they played down the incidents. They also gave the impression that what happened was an isolated incident that was only dealt with once.

Bobye Holt’s testimony at Josh Duggar trial matches Fedosky’s recollections

Fedosky’s statements, both for Distractify and in a Reddit AMA, align with Bobye Holt’s testimony during Josh’s trial. Holt, a former friend of the Duggar family, took to the stage to recount when and how she learned that Josh had touched his siblings inappropriately.

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Josh Duggar was romantically linked to Holt’s daughter at the time of the incidents. Shortly after, they called it quits, but the families still hoped the duo would end up together. Bobye Holt testified that Josh Duggar stayed with them at their home for some time after the assault incidents.

Josh then married Anna Duggar in 2008. Josh and Anna courted for two years before getting married, according to the Duggars. Yet critics of the Duggar family largely believe there was no courtship. Followers believe Josh shocked the Keller family with his marriage proposal.

How to get help: If you or someone you know has been sexually abused, text HOME to the Crisis Text Line on 741741 for free, confidential assistance.

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