Digital pre-orders of the Fantasm Soldier collection in Japan


Edia and Nintendo have just set up a Nintendo Shop Page for Valis: the Fantasm Soldier collection, allowing people with a Japanese account to pre-order a digital version of the compilation. The collection costs 5,280 yen (~ $ 46).

This compilation will include the ports of the PC Engine versions of Valis: the fantasy soldier, Valis II, and Valis III. The store page mentions that it will include features, such as save anywhere and instantly rewind a game segment to recover from errors. The collection will also have sound and visual gallery modes. It will only take up 315MB of space on the Nintendo console.

However, the store page also states that this collection will only support Japanese language. Coincidently, Super Valis IV will appear on the Western Switch stage as part of the Nintendo Switch Online collection for December 2020. And yet, Edia did not include the fourth game in this Japanese compilation.

Edia previously held a crowdfunding session for the Switch ports of the top three Valis games in June 2021. The Japanese could pledge 4,000 yen to get a digital version code. The company also opened public preorders for physical release in August 2021.

Valis: the Fantasm Soldier collection will be released for Nintendo Switch in Japan on December 9, 2021. The release date for this compilation will coincide with the series’ 35th anniversary.


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