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ST. LOUIS ( – A liberal organization of American nuns is pledging for three more years to work toward so-called social justice.

The Religious Women’s Leadership Conference concluded its annual general meeting this month by recommitting to fight climate change, racial injustice and what it calls “forced migration”. The conference was held in St. Louis, Missouri, and was titled “Mystical Wisdom: Following the Spirit’s Call”.

The conference recommitted to its 2019-2022 mission, stating:

In response to God, who loves all creation, we recommit to initiate and support opportunities to create union and to look deeper at the root causes of injustice. … We are heartbroken by the myriad ways in which our only human family and the earth, our common home, continue to suffer from disconnection, indifference, violence and fear in the face of racism, forced migration and the climate crisis.

Sr. Jane Herb at LCWR

The organization’s new resolution continues: “We will use our collective voices, resources and influence in collaboration with others to establish justice, which reflects God’s creative love. The LCWR even wrapped up this year’s general meeting with a 15-minute “justice” ritual under Gateway Arch in St. Louis.

During the assembly, the sisters attended lectures on American racism and river pollution, with ritual prayers where the nuns faced the four directions of the compass and ended with their hands pointing to the earth, the heaven or their hearts, praying, “Help us to remember the breath of life that comes from all our relationships and the interconnectedness of all creation.”

The organization commends Pope Francis for calling Catholics to a synodal Church. The group claims to model its environmental mission on the pontiff’s encyclical Laudato If.

The LCWR has long been a proponent of social justice and liberal ideologies.

The LCWR has long worked for social justice and liberal ideologies as well. Pope Benedict XVI even had the LCWR investigated in 2009 for peddling erroneous beliefs about homosexual activity and birth control.

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After the Vatican chastised their organization for pushing “radical feminist themes incompatible with the Catholic faith”, the sisters responded by further pushing a leftist agenda in America. In 2012, nuns associated with the LCWR launched the wandering “bus nuns” tour, promoting socialism, contraception and so-called social justice.

Kentanji Brown Jackson

This year, LCWR Past President Sister Jane Herb addressed the nation’s most recent Supreme Court confirmation, saying, “As we continue to celebrate the nomination of Justice Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court , we are troubled by the confirmation hearings, which at times felt more like harassment than proper dialogue.The racial divide persists in our country.

Herb was referring to the confirmation hearing where conservative members of Congress questioned Judge Kentanji Brown Jackson and suggested she had a history of light convictions on child pornography charges. During the hearings, Jackson also refused to answer questions such as “What is a woman?” and “When does life begin?”

As previously reported, the LCWR represents over 80% of nuns in the United States and has seen the number of Catholic nuns plummet in America over the past 60 years. Despite declining numbers and past warnings from the Vatican, the LCWR continues its mission, which is to “mend the divisions in our society by shaping federal policy to dismantle systemic racism, center equity and restorative justice, protect our democracy and protect our common home.”

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