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16-year-old Delenya Buchanan is now looking forward to her sixth year program on her way to her dream of becoming a doctor.

It has been a long and difficult road, but today she boasts of the intervention of people in her life who love her, but above all she is grateful to have embraced Christ as her Lord and Savior.

The teenager went through a lot in her younger years, and if there is one regret it is the fact that she did not share with her mother, what was happening to her or what she was going through, because his story could have been different.

Buchanan, a recent graduate from Vauxhall High School, shared with Family and religion she is struggling to focus now on what she wants to do.

Growing up in the urban community of Kintyre, she was exposed to many things, such as sexual immorality, swearing and rejection. After leaving the community, she said the traits were still attached to her.

“Then, to complicate matters, I was sexually assaulted. I have become a fearful woman. I also carried in my heart the lack of forgiveness, the bitterness, and that forced me to become introverted and to develop self-hatred, ”she shared.

During this period of her life, Buchanan said that she experienced feelings of rejection, that she was unwelcome, sad, and just plain unhappy.

Over the years, while attending school, she said that she “kept her head down” while carrying the burdens because she was afraid to face or share what had happened to her.


“I started to rejoice over my sins as I became addicted to porn, cursing, stealing, lying,” she recalls.

She would have continued on this downward slope if her mother hadn’t decided to start taking her to church on Sunday.

Buchanan said it was the best thing that could happen to her as she began to develop “moral traits.” Negative behaviors such as swearing ceased when she said she was now at another company.

However, giving up some of the bad habits developed over the years was much more difficult than she thought.

“When it came to sexual immorality (lust, pornography), sexual abuse, rejection and forgiveness were much more difficult to overcome. After telling my mom that I was assaulted, she only showed love and confidence that I would get over it, ”she shared.

Buchanan said pornography and lust was a seed that was planted by a close relative who believed it would be harmless.

Buchanan had another defining moment as she was in third form during her Spanish class. The teacher was explaining the meaning of the Lord’s Prayer and there she said that she had come to realize that there is hope after misery.

She said she gave her life to the Lord then. However, this did not shake her fears of not inheriting eternal life as she felt that she had done too many bad things in her life.

After many attempts at forgiveness, I finally accepted that I couldn’t change what had happened to me and I was finally able to forgive the person. Those parts of my life that I felt left out were fulfilled by my mother and God, ”she said.

Recognizing that she still stumbles, but now that she “fades away” and continues her victorious journey with the Lord, she focuses on not allowing the pain of her past to hold her back. She has now moved on to making room for what God has placed in her life.

Buchanan said she was now past the question of “why me?” “To” why not me? », And it is this confidence that saw her write her first book, which is available on Amazon, Live a royal reality.

According to her, it’s a book that will help teens like her who want to live a goal-oriented life. The stories shared, she explained, will inspire people to find their identity and value in Christ.

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