‘Count on’: Cousin Amy King shares cryptic message amid family crisis

“Counting On” spoilers point to Duggar’s cousin Amy King speaking out amid the family chaos. Fans know the 19 Children and counting and counting on the family has a lot to do right now. While Josh Duggar was convicted of receiving and possessing child pornography, Jana’s misdemeanor is also making headlines.

‘Count on’: Cousin Amy King shares cryptic message amid family crisis

Jim Bob also lost terribly running for the Arkansas State Senate. During the crisis, Amy was not afraid to speak out. Fans know Cousin Duggar has always spoken out against her reality TV family. Many of his social media posts and quotes are cryptic messages that appear to be directed at them. She’s even started talking about her Aunt Michelle and Uncle Jim Bob, as she shares some of their ‘lies’ and ‘abuses’.

‘Count on’: Amy King shares cryptic message amid chaos

As usual, Amy has something to share with her fans and followers. Fans know a source told Katie Joy to Without crystal ball that the family is managing a lot at the moment.

Katie shared a post on social media in which she included some details from someone close to the Counting On family, writing: “There is total chaos in the family due to Jim Bob Duggar lying at the helm of the In private, the boys are furious and angrily confronted Jim Bob for lying, protecting Josh, and failing to protect their sisters.

The reality TV family’s cousin, Amy King, also has her say in the whole crisis. She took to her Instagram Stories to share a quote that reads, “My comfort comes from knowing that God is in control, even in chaos.”

Although she simply shared the post because she loves it, or is going through personal issues and feels comforted by the quote, fans will think she is taking a swipe at the Duggar family as she enjoys posting. encrypted messages. It doesn’t seem like a coincidence that she posted the quote when the family she’s always rejected is in the midst of “chaos.”

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