Controversial One Piece Livestream wins official statement from Shueisha

A play has been in the headlines lately thanks to his manga, but his latest ordeal hasn’t been flattering to say the least. Earlier this year, fans watched A play published its 1000th chapter after more than 20 years of printing. The milestone brought the fandom together in a big way, so the community was together when the series got into some controversy. And now it looks like Shueisha has issued a statement about the whole ordeal.

For anyone who needs a little background, the story plays out like this. A play sparked controversy when a recent livestream was shared with fans. The manga editors are no strangers to organizing such video gatherings, but Naito didn’t fully prepare for the event. After all, the publisher failed to clear their internet history, so fans could see that Naito recently visited an illegal hentai site before the live stream began.

After fans learned about Naito’s browsing history, the A play livestream has been taken offline. At the time, it was said that a problem on Youtube caused Shueisha to make the livestream private. However, according to J-Cast, it appears that another statement has been posted on Twitter regarding the ordeal. A Twitter post from jump_henshubu addressed the ordeal, and it was there that Shueisha said that Naito had visited the illicit site “by mistake” after clicking on the link in error.

Of course, that statement has drawn its fair share of skeptics, but fans are more than willing to give Naito the benefit of the doubt. The publisher is a loyal fan of A play for years, and the series thrived under his help. Obviously, it’s not nice to be caught visiting a hentai scan site. But if the whole mess was made by mistake, we can leave the past behind.

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