Concert Review: Rosalía Motomami World Tour at III Points 2022

Spanish phenom Rosalía has re-entered Miami countless times in many iterations. Performing on the III Points Mind Melt Stage in front of a sea of ​​fans that stretched to the opposite Outer Space Stage, it seemed like the whole festival descended on the main stage to catch a glimpse of the latest transformation of the chameleon artist into Motomami. before zooming in on its next era.

Miami first met Rosalía in March 2018 when she performed at Flamenco Rave, a showcase hosted by local nonprofit FUNDarte featuring some of the leading figures of her country’s contemporary flamenco movement, including his first collaborative album Raül Refree.

She had already undergone a profound musical transformation when she returned for a private performance at the Faena Hotel Miami Beach nine months later during Art Basel. This follows the release of his breakthrough album, El Mal Querer, which earned him critical acclaim and recognition outside the world of flamenco. By the time she played her first paid public event in the city, she was singing reggaeton tunes alongside Bad Bunny and Nicky Jam at the old American Airlines Arena. His sonic experimentation and star power accelerated in 17 months to a speed only Motomamis can achieve.

Taking to the stage Saturday night in thick black and white leather exuding the stiffness of rubber tires and flanked by dancers wearing bright Motomami motorcycle helmets, Rosalía opened with her ode to transformation, Motomami opener “Saoko”.

Me contradigo, yo me transformo/Soy to’a’ las cosa’, yo me transformo“, she sang as the camera sped and zoomed around her: “I contradict myself, I transform / I am all things, I transform.

The camera work was one of the standout aspects of the series’ minimalist, futuristic design. The operator carried a stabilized camera used to easily weave around the singer and her backup dancers, resulting in swirling close-ups and cropped perspective views that made the singer look gigantic as she pounded the stage during breakdowns of flamenco choreography. The intimate view made the production feel like a Back home– behind-the-scenes documentary style, as if the crowd is watching the filming and editing of a big-budget concert film in real time.

The whole leaned heavily on the experimental Motomami, the singer’s latest album and a shoo-in for this year’s top album lists. Shortening the supporting tour setlist for her one-hour III Points set, she skipped performances of “De Plata,” from her debut album. Los Angelesand El Mal Querer single “Pienso en Tu Mirá”. She only revisited the groundbreaking album for “Malamente” and “De Aquí No Sales”, the latter foreshadowing her next sonic evolution by punctuating the verses with aggressive motorcycle sounds. Rosalía also used the track to show the bridge between the two seemingly disparate records, as she seamlessly blended the El Mal Querer follow with Motomami‘s “Bulerias.”

The slower moments didn’t translate as well to the festival stage. Although they shone the spotlight on the artist’s classically formed pipes, the crowd’s intensity dropped noticeably during songs such as “G3 N15,” which likely would have shone in a theater. The contrast to the crowd’s eruption at the opening notes of the next song, “Linda,” made it clear how much the energy had faded for the nostalgic ballad. A notable exception was “Hentai,” one of the most tender piano ballads ever written on the dick, which the crowd sang along with vigor.

The singer began to walk away from Motomami towards the end of the set, particularly during a medley of his standalone reggaeton singles, including his verse on the remix of Sech’s “Relación” and Ozuna’s collaboration “Yo x Ti, Tu x Mi”. She paid homage to Daddy Yankee with an interlude remix of “Gasolina” before moving on to mambo track “Despechá,” a taste of her final sonic stopover.

She concluded the set with 2019’s “Con Altura,” the single that marked her abrupt shift into reggaeton and Latin pop, before returning to the stage to perform. Motomami“Chicken Teriyaki” and “Cuuuuuuuuuute”.

Se creen especial/Como un año en Miami que nieva“, she sang on the last track, just as the rain started to drizzle over the disco ball. It didn’t snow last night, but Rosalía made sure we still witnessed something special. special: alchemy.

Set list:
– “Saoko”
– “Candy”
– “Bizcochito”
– “The Fame”
– “De Aquí No Sales”/”Bulerías”
– “Motomami”
– “G3 N15”
– “Linda”
– “Besos Moja2” (A cappella)
– “La Noche d’Anoche”
– “Hentai”
– Reggaeton editing
– “The Versace Jumpsuit”
– “Relationship (Remix)”
– “TKN”
– “Yo x Ti, Tu x Mi”
– “Gasolina” (Interlude)
– “Despecha”
– “Malaments”
– “Delirium of Grandeza”
– “LAX” (Interlude)
– “Con Altura”

– “Teriyaki Chicken”
– “Cuuuuuuuuuute”

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