Comedian Arabella Weir Says ‘Police Awakened’ Couldn’t Cancel The Fast Show

Getting canceled is easier than catching Covid these days.

But if anyone wants to browse The Fast Show, comedian Arabella Weir thinks they’d be hard pressed to find fault.

The show will be back on BBC2 next week, much to the delight of many viewers who were previously avid fans of the hit series.

The favorite ’90s sketch, with a cast including Paul Whitehouse, Charlie Higson and Caroline Aherne, is still revered by comedy fans.

Arabella says, “If the awakened police were to pass by The Fast Show, you’d be hard pressed to find anything.

“All of our work was focused on character, person and uniqueness.

“We were ahead of the game.


Arabella said viewers would find it difficult to cancel the show

But Arabella admits raising concerns about the use of scantily clad women during Channel 9 news segments.

She says, “We probably wouldn’t be doing the post-modern joke with the girls on the Topless 9 channel.

“At the time, I was like, ‘Are you sure?’ It’s unfortunate, but it’s not the same as Nazi salutes.

The actors remain friends and they’ve done great things since the show.

Arabella returns to screens on Monday as Beth on the award-winning BBC2 show Two Doors Down, about friendships between neighbors who show up at her character’s door uninvited.

“I’m going to see Paul and his musical Only Fools And Horses soon,” Arabella continues. “I don’t watch sketch shows now, but one of the things we didn’t know was the freedom we had.

The popular TV show returns on Monday
The popular TV show returns on Monday

“There are brilliant comedians now, but young people will have to come together in a different way. After the pandemic forces Two Doors to take a hiatus, he returns with two episodes and a Christmas special this month before a full series for the New Year.

Arabella adds: “We were like old cart horses released into the field and incredibly grateful to be together.

“Since we were in a Covid bubble, we hung out, so it was nice to spend more time with each other.

“I never get out of bed in the first episode, but not in a sassy way.

“And wait until you see Beth’s new haircut.

“The wig is like she asked for Delia Smith but got Rosemary West. The new series will be better than the previous ones.

“The Christmas special is funny and has some tender moments too, with maybe a few musical instruments.”

As the pandemic has put filming on hiatus, Arabella, 63, is hoping the positive of the past two years will be Boris Johnson being kicked out of No.10.


Arabella appeared on the hit TV show
Arabella appeared on the hit TV show

She said, “I feel passionate people will come to their senses and not vote for this buffoon.

“We have a lot of problems because of these people making their own nests.

“Something like that galvanizes things and brings people back to the brink. “

Author of the international bestseller Does My Bum Look Big In This ?, Arabella also wants to see the backs of young women undergo unnecessary plastic surgery.

She adds, “I’m worried about the tendency to look like an inflatable sex doll. It’s a feminist question and it all stems from the normalization of pornography.

Arabella is the godmother of David Tennant's children
Arabella is the godmother of David Tennant’s children

“I would prefer you didn’t get chemicals into your body.

“What are they going to feel – and look like – at 50?” “

The mother of two is the godmother of the children of actor David Tennant and he is the godfather of his own.

“We’ll see it at Christmas,” confirms Arabella, “as we always do. I have a big family, so there will be around 25 before Christmas too.

● Two Doors Down returns to BBC2 Monday at 10pm.

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