China kills murder mystery games | Taiwan News


TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The mystery killings are the latest billion dollar industry to be hit in broad daylight by Chinese authorities after state media painted a target on the industry’s back, calling it “Fertile ground for pornography and violence” earlier this year.

So-called “script killings” (劇本 殺) are popular all over China, and some of the top creators have achieved fame because of them. Whether online or in person, a group of friends play as characters and spend long sessions together solving puzzles and finding clues before finally solving the murder mystery.

Still, the Chinese Communist Party views the scrip murder scene as a hub of immorality and is applying the same regulatory pressure recently used to suppress the tech industry, video games and effeminate star boys, according to a VOA report. .

Authorities last month warned owners of script murder sites to “resolutely resist scripts that violate laws and regulations” after state media warned that young people immersed in gaming could lose their grip on reality, “which would lead to psychological problems”.

State media also highlighted the need for “correct values” in scripts, expressing concern that plots based on fictional “human demons” or “possessed” were too much for mature adults to handle. .

Although storyline murder games began in the West in the early 20th century, it wasn’t until the South Korean drama “Crime Scene” was released in 2015 that the fashion caught on in China. The number of script murder clubs in China has grown from around 1,000 in 2017 to 45,000 today, according to the Meituan Research Institute.

It is unclear how the new pressure from regulators might affect the growth of the industry in the future.


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