Cheer: How old is Jerry Harris?

Thanks to season 2 of Netflix’s Cheer, fans want to know more about controversial cheerleader Jerry Harris, including her age.

by Netflix Applaud Season 2 is well underway and some fans want more information on former head cheerleader Jeremiah “Jerry” Harris, including his real age. Jerry has been shrouded in controversy and is currently awaiting trial on federal child pornography charges. When news of his alleged crimes surfaced, the streaming world was turned upside down, especially since Jerry was a fan favorite.

fans of Applaud learned that the sport of cheerleading is not for the faint of heart. Some Applaud athletes have to keep smiling when thrown in the air, and there’s also the mat policy. Season 2 shows Navarro’s cheerleaders vying for their 15th victory in Daytona, Florida. To achieve their goal, they’ll need sheer courage and determination, and they’ll have to beware of a rival team that keeps nipping at their heels. Navarro isn’t the only team vying for a win, as Trinity Valley Community College also has high hopes. Along with the pep action, there was a significant amount of scandal, and the arrest of Jerry Harris was the most shocking event.


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Frontman Jerry was the face of the Navarro Bulldogs cheer squad when the show first aired in January 2020. Applaud Star Jerry was born in Illinois and had to grow up fast after losing his mother to cancer at the age of 16. He is now 22 and was first introduced to fans as a member of the Bulldogs. This respected group of cheerleaders is coached by Monica Aldama. After moving to Corsicana, Texas to pursue a college life, cheer fans saw him receive a Regional Scholars Award from the University of Louisville. Even though Jerry attended the prestigious school for the fall semester, he ultimately decided to return to Navarro College.

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Applaud fans learned in September 2020 that the popular personality had been arrested and detained at the Chicago Metropolitan Correctional Center. Jerry’s troubling legal troubles played out in front of the cameras, including when a judge denied him bail in October 2020. At the time, the judge revealed he felt that Applaud alum Jerry was a danger to the community and decided to keep him in jail until a trial date was set. A lawsuit had been filed against Jerry, in which a group of twin brothers accused the reality TV star of sending them explicit messages.

Fans who have watched the entire season know that Navarro’s side were unable to compete for their 15th title due to the COVID-19 outbreak. While each athlete was understandably disappointed, Jerry’s legal issues took center stage. Applaud doesn’t speak directly to Jerry’s case, and few cast members have spoken out, perhaps since the lawsuit is still ongoing. Fans believe that if there is a season 3, Jerry’s story will be watched closely.

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