Cancel culture? What cancels culture?

Giving up a bad habit is common and if that’s your choice, here’s one that I strongly encourage you to adopt: Stop talking about canceling the crop. It’s a running topic in our current speech, but dropping this one should be easy because, frankly, no one gets canceled.

Deep in your brain, you know this to be true. It may appear that people are being “canceled” or permanently forced out of social and professional circles, left and right for alleged bad behavior. But who really has?

Louis CK? He’s just been nominated for a Grammy, still sells in major media markets, and recently performed a jam-packed egg show. Kanye West? The constant media attention around him and his continued success would belittle this claim. Johnny Depp? Sure, he was fired from that hugely mediocre “Harry Potter” spin-off for well-founded allegations of domestic violence, but the state of his career was in shambles before that because he’s a liability on set with a high asking price. And even then, he recently received a Lifetime Achievement Award from a reputable film organization.

It’s as simple as this: If you haven’t been charged with or convicted of a felony and you are still a revenue generator, you may need to eat a little crow and be criticized online for a while. time, but you’re going to be a-AGREE.

Last July, the chart-topping rapper DaBaby launched a homophobic rant about AIDS straight out of the 1980s during his set at the Rolling Loud Festival in Miami. He half-apologized on his Instagram account and then was kicked out of some top-tier festival slots over the summer, but guess who performed at Albany Capital Center last November at a show where the tickets cost almost $ 80 a pop? And the tour was sponsored by Rolling Loud, the promoters of the same festival that was the source of the initial controversy.

DaBaby and CK aren’t the only allegedly canceled acts resurfacing in the Capital Region. They are arguably not even the biggest draws.

Morgan Wallen is a big country pop star. Just under a year ago, the Caucasian singer was filmed casually throwing the n-word. He was briefly taken off country airwaves, streaming media playlists, and TV appearances (none of which impacted his sales or streaming totals, which actually increased as a result. of his remarks). But after a few tax-deductible donations and the resumption of major touring, Wallen is back. You can see it at PSPC this summer.

Am I saying you shouldn’t go see DaBaby or Morgan Wallen? No, and whether you should or not doesn’t matter. The point is, you can.

Despite all the talk about people being quashed for expressing an unpopular opinion, let alone doing or saying something downright disgusting, the fact remains that the outcry and backlash against said outcry lasts much longer than the real consequences.

Almost everyone who engages in the popular arts and entertainment has had to make concessions between their own moral compass and those they are fans of. Separate art from the artist, and all that. I might feel arrogant towards DaBaby, but I certainly didn’t mind seeing KISS in 2019, knowing that Gene Simmons had several pending sexual harassment lawsuits pending. And I may have stopped listening to The Who for years after Pete Townshend was arrested for child pornography, but I finally accepted his explanation of this incident at face value to continue enjoying his music without feeling disgusting.

But I’m not claiming that my favorites, even the most problematic ones, are in danger of disappearing. And unless you really like Harvey Weinstein or Marilyn Manson, neither do you.

So, in this New Year, please join me in getting involved in a couple of things. First of all, try not to spread COVID. Come on already, it’s been two years now. Second, can we start seeing non-Disney / Marvel movies? It gets pretty dark for people who prefer to see “Nightmare Alley” and “The French Dispatch” in theaters instead of “Spider-Man” or “The Eternals”. And finally, let’s recognize that not only was Dave Chappelle not silenced, but no one is actually canceled for (at best) having an opinion or (actually) being a jerk.

We can get our dose of fiction from countless other sources; I have heard that there are novels specializing in it. In 2022, stop having cultural stories canceled.

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