Ben Shapiro’s Joke About Sending Lesbians Into Space Failed On Many Levels

Right-wing pundit Ben ‘has proudly never left his wife’ Shapiro decided to once again weigh in on female sexuality – a topic he’s definitely an expert on – in the latest episode of his daily podcast The Ben Shapiro Show. Instead of admitting he’s completely unfamiliar with signs of arousal, Shapiro decided to instead scapegoat hypothetical Joe Biden-named lesbians in space for NASA delays.

While discussing the upcoming Artemis I mission to the moon, which will be completely uncrewed, Shapiro sarcastically claimed that “the really, really important thing is that when we go to the moon, we have to have a lesbian on the moon.”

To emphasize this point, he reiterated “Lesbians on the moon! in a sort of singsong voice. “This is what we need, this looks like bad porn.”

The impetus for his comment appears to have been President Joe Biden’s “equity agenda,” which will diversify “every area of ​​his administration, down to the dumbest parts,” according to Shapiro. This was reportedly backed up by comments from Vice President Kamala Harris, who on Sunday spoke of the diverse Space Force backgrounds she encountered, which included people from “every walk of life you can imagine – smart young people, women, people of color.”

“I don’t know why this is key to space exploration,” Shapiro said. “I thought that would be, you know, the most qualified people we should be sending into space.”

Shapiro’s comment came after NASA announced Tuesday night that its new rocket, the Space Launch System, would launch from Florida this Saturday, after having to cancel Monday due to technical errors and bad weather. The Artemis program as a whole will, if successful, establish a human presence on the moon for the first time since 1972, although the first launch will have no crew members and will instead include Snoopy badge figures and Girl Scout.

“We will learn a lot from the Artemis I test flight,” Artemis 1 chief of mission Mike Sarafin said at a Saturday press conference, according to NPR. “And through this experience, we will change and modify whatever is necessary to prepare for a crewed flight on the very next mission.”

Shapiro’s comments ignore the reality that lesbians have long been the “most qualified” people sent into space. Although it wasn’t revealed until after her death that Sally Ride had been in a relationship with a woman for 27 years, she was the first American woman in space, and also likely the first queer person in space. . She’s not the only groundbreaking Sapphic astronaut either – in 2019 it was revealed that lesbian astronaut Anne McClain had illegally accessed her estranged wife’s bank account while on the International Space Station, making her potentially the first person to commit a crime in space and take “being gay, do crime” to infinity and beyond.

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