Anna Duggar reportedly considering divorce from husband Josh amid child pornography affair


Anna Duggar is said to have considered divorcing her husband Josh Duggar after his arrest for child pornography in April. Since news of her arrest first broke, there has been speculation about the future of their marriage, but early reports suggested she was against divorce. Anna, 33, is expecting the couple’s seventh child and she stayed with Josh, 33, even after his assault and cheating scandals in 2015.

A source close to the Duggar family said Fox News Anna is a “strong” wife who relies on her faith during this difficult situation. Divorce was “never going to be a first option” for Anna, the family friend said, adding that it would be a “last, last resort”. The source claimed that Anna was ready to be by Josh’s side because she is “the kind of woman she is and the kind of person she is and the kind of family they are.” However, the Duggars are independent Baptists and do not believe in divorce.

“She and her family will stay by his side no matter what,” the source said. Fox News. “They obviously won’t agree with some things he’s done in the past and don’t know what’s going on with what’s going on right now, but they’re still going to love him and support him and want him. better for him, and want him to do it right. They’ll never be different from that. “

The family friend claimed that Anna stayed by Josh’s side during his three scandals because of his “relationship” with God. “It’s not just the way she was raised. It’s what she was taught in her relationship with God. She is an amazing young woman, wife and mother,” said the friend. “I just wish it was all over.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard second-hand accounts of how Anna feels about this situation. Just days after the arrest, a source said The sun Anna was not going to divorce and “stands by her husband’s side as she always has”. Earlier this month, another source said The sun that Anna was “really struggling” after Josh’s arrest and that she was “at war” with her parents, Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar. “She still lives in the warehouse on Duggar land but is not particularly welcome in the main house at the moment,” the source said.

In 2015, Anna supported Josh even after it was revealed that he had assaulted several young girls as a teenager. That same year, he was also confirmed to be using the Ashley Madison site, which runs affairs for married men. Josh apologized and requested faith-based rehabilitation treatment. There have been several reports over the years of a contemplated divorce, even before Josh’s arrest, but it never happened. Josh and Anna, who married in 2008, have six children aged 12 to 20 months. She is pregnant with their seventh, a baby girl.

Josh has pleaded not guilty to federal charges of receiving and possessing child pornography. He is now on bail and lives with family friends Duggar, LaCount and Maria Reber. His trial was due to start this month, but it has since been postponed to November. Since Josh was arrested, TLC has canceled Counting on, the second series starring Duggar. The first one, 19 children and count, was called off in 2015 amid previous Josh scandals


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