Anna Duggar begs for her husband’s release in child pornography


Anna duggar, the pregnant mother of six was seen for the first time since her husband’s arrest.

Her husband Josh Duggar was arrested by cops at the end of April this year over charges of Child pornography. After her arrest, Anna was not seen much outside, although she was seen with her husband outside the courthouse with a smile on her face.

Given the complicated situation where Josh only has one more hearing and in which the judge seemed to dismiss his request for a dismissal, Anna was seen smirking. There have been allegations against her husband Josh Duggar, a former reality TV star eyeing footage of an 18 month old being raped. Now he will be sentenced to 40 years in prison if found guilty.

An insider said: “Anna is convinced that Josh will soon be a free man and can raise their children. She should worry about her being alone with seven children, but she is not”. This isn’t the first time people have heard such weird chatter. Around every account she encountered, Anna Duggar did everything but avoid Josh amid growing legal issues.

6e May was Josh’s first hearing, which took place just a week after Josh’s arrest, Anna Duggar was forced to reside with court-appointed guardians. He is not even allowed to approach his children without adult supervision as all of his children are under 12 years old.

Anna Duggar with husband Josh Duggar and family

Anna Duggar is also charged with downloading sexually graphic material which involved a line of miners. According to some sources, she spent most nights in bed with her husband in an alternative home and thus abandoned her children.

Currently, Josh Duggar is in home confinement until his trial on the 30th.e November, where he lives with third party custodians named Maria Reber and LaCount, old friends of the family.


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