Amy Duggar reveals she moved away from ANOTHER family member after slamming her ‘evil’ cousin Josh

AMY Duggar has revealed she’s been separated from another family member.

She called her cousin Josh Duggar “evil” after he was convicted of child pornography.


Amy Duggar has been estranged from her family for yearsCredit: Toby Canham
Amy Duggar poses with her famous cousins ​​after moving away


Amy Duggar poses with her famous cousins ​​after moving awayCredit: Instagram

Amy posted a Tweeter on June 20 about how his relationship with his father is strained.

“My relationship with my dad is non-existent,” she tweeted.

“I had to put boundaries in place to protect myself. If your day has been tough, you’re not alone and I see you.”

She concluded the personal message: “I’m sorry your dad didn’t come forward and was not the loving dad you deserve in your life.

Amy begs Anna to
Amy Duggar asks her cousin Josh to be sentenced to 20 years in prison for crimes

The tweet came a day after Father’s Day and told others “it’s okay” if their day was tough.

Her father is the second person in her family that she has rejected.

She called her cousin Josh ‘evil’ as he was sentenced to 20 years in prison after being found guilty of child pornography charges.


Amy demanded that Josh receive the full prison sentence for his “sick” crimes after his wife, Anna, pleaded for a lenient sentence.

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In May, the Counting On alum wrote on her Instagram Story, “Thank you to everyone who reached out to me. Please don’t send me the graphic/unhealthy details of Josh Duggar’s case.”

Rebellious cousin Duggar added: “Honestly, I have to protect my mind and heart from hearing/reading such disgusting material.

“Please let me remind you to be careful if you want to know the graphic details to protect your mind and heart as well. You will never be the same again.”

She ended the post with, “I will continue to shed light on the darkest areas. Just pray that Josh Duggar receives the ultimate sentence. 20+ years.”


Her father is not the first person in her family from whom Amy has been separated.

She shared in July 2020 that she was “happy” and “moving on” after being separated from her uncle Jim Bob Duggar and aunt Michelle.

The 35-year-old, who is considered the ‘rebel’ of the family for her outspoken thoughts, wearing shorts and showing off her arms in tank tops, told Entertainment Tonight that while ‘things are definitely different’, she is happy”. for everyone in the famous family.

“I think we’re all trying to find our way, and we’re all doing things differently,” said Amy, whose mother Deanna is Jim Bob Duggar’s older sister.

“I do things differently and I’m happy where I am. I’m happy for them,” she told them. “Things are definitely different, but I’m happy for everyone.”

However, Amy revealed that she still talks to her cousin, Jill.

“Jill and I text, not every day, but we text quite often,” Amy told the outlet. “And we discuss things.”


Although Amy was estranged from the family for a long time and therefore didn’t have a role in Counting On, she revealed to The Sun that she would love her own reality show.

“I would make sure it was real. There are no skeletons in these closets. I would do like the Kardashians. Not every day is rosy and beautiful. There are days when I can’t stand my husband. It’s normal. And then there are days when I can’t live without him. It’s a normal marriage.

“People respect and love authenticity. You have to be transparent with people. That’s why I would sign up. Transparency.”

She was asked if she would team up with her cousin Jill for the show and enthusiastically replied, “Heck yeah!”

Of her aunt and uncle, Amy said: “It’s not about disrespecting them. It’s more like, ‘Please open your eyes.’ I want to get their attention. I can’t stay silent. I really can’t stay quiet on this matter. It’s too serious.

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Amy is married to Dillon King, who she married in 2015.

They share a son together – Daxton, born in 2019.

Amy Duggar revealed that she was estranged from her father


Amy Duggar revealed that she was estranged from her fatherCredit: Twitter/@amyduggar
Josh Duggar's passport photo


Josh Duggar’s passport photoCredit: The Mega Agency
Amy Duggar with her cousin Jill and their children


Amy Duggar with her cousin Jill and their childrenCredit: Instagram / Amy King

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