Amy Duggar: I wish I could save Josh’s wife and children!


For several years, Josh and Amy Dagger have been the biggest black sheep in the Dagger family and are the exiles cited as warnings to other daggers who exhibit abnormal or rebellious behavior.

Of course Josh Value Amy’s only crime was to occasionally offend Jim Bob, but he was treated as an Outcast.

Regardless, over the next few months Josh was arrested on suspicion of child pornography, Amy has confirmed that the world knows exactly what she thinks about predatory cousins.

She usually stops mentioning Josh by name, but Anna hasn’t shied away from discussing the latest scandals in her family.

Her remarks were mostly diplomatic, but Amy said she never trusted Josh.

And not only is she mad at Josh’s actions, Amy thinks her whole family is toxic – a statement most people would certainly agree with.

Many in Amy’s position may succumb to the temptation to soar in football and boast that the families who kicked them out are exposed to some of the most horrific behaviors in reality TV history. May be.

But Amy doesn’t do that.

Instead, she continues to focus on the victims, expressing her hope that by taking predators like Josh off the streets, these poor souls can begin the healing process. Make.

“If the genie could make his wishes come true, one of my wishes would be to be able to care for, save and protect all the children who are being ignored and abused,” Amy posted over the weekend. Read the meme.

Amy Dagger spills tea

“I could afford and have a house big enough to afford them anyway, from diapers to colleges and cars,” he continued.

“To give them a haven of peace.”

Obviously, Amy didn’t mention Josh by name, but judging from the reaction to the post, she didn’t have to.

Josh Duggar is a bad father

Her supporters were well aware that the most vulnerable members of our society were on Amy’s mind following recent shocking events involving her family.

Unlike many other daggers, Amy is willing to speak openly about the situation, but so far she has continued to be diplomatic in the comments.

“There are no comments at the moment. I’m a bit silent, we hope that’s not true,” she said shortly after Josh’s arrest.

Flowers and Amy Dagger

“After hearing about the arrest, I spoke to some of my cousins. We are shocked, but we don’t want to think the worst of anyone. You want to think of the best. Amy continued.

“If this is true, it will absolutely devastate a lot of people. “

Soon after, Amy expanded her feelings with the help of memes.

She shared a photo of a balloon attached to a brick and the following caption.

Amy Dagger wears a bikini

“It’s okay to cut off a toxic family for their own well-being. “

Again, her followers could read between the lines, some of which provided bitter observations about Amy’s strained relationship with family.

“’All families’ does not apply to all families. Some of us break the generational curse, set limits, stand up, for our sanity, our children and for future generations. Some people are here to do the right thing, ”commented one. ..

Amy Dagger King Selfie

“Deffffffs a part of your family. I know she’s the right girl !!! ” Another addition.

“It’s not only good, it’s necessary for your physical and emotional well-being,” sounded the third chime.

Obviously, Josh’s latest scandal is like a family that never fully recovers, but luckily Amy doesn’t seem to allow her cousin to destroy themselves through nasty acts.

Amy Duggar: I wish I could save Josh’s wife and children! Source link Amy Duggar: I wish I could save Josh’s wife and children!


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