Amazon appears to have removed some overseas manga following content debate

Amazon as a business has reached new heights during the coronavirus pandemic, in part thanks to the delivery of everyday merchandise and items to customers who could spend much more time indoors than before. , but it looks like a corporate freak has taken a handful of manga series off the list from their site for unknown reasons. While this “delisting” does not appear to affect North America, it appears that several episodes of the series have been removed from the website in Germany, including How not to summon a demon Lord and Yuna and the haunted hot springs!

The banning of anime and manga in foreign countries is not surprising, having happened a few times already, with Australia recently banning the distribution of “Hentai” in the country. Surprisingly enough, however, this isn’t the first time that How not to summon a demon lord was banned on Amazon, along with the series created by Yukiya Murasaki. The anime itself was banned from Youtube for “questionable material”, with Amazon’s Kindle not originally allowing the manga series to be released on its platform. While we are not made aware of why Amazon Germany removed the “Ecchi Series” from the list, there is certainly precedent given how the site has approached these issues in the past.

Twitter user Manga Megura noted that Amazon Germany did not completely write off the Ecchi series, but instead offered a number of volumes of the anime franchises of How not to summon a demon lord and Yuna & The Haunted Hot Springs:

How not to summon a demon lord is a series that is in the same vein as Overlord, The Rising of The Shield Hero and Sword Art Online, in which a player is transported to the digital world and attempts to navigate the environment, although the former is much hotter than the other series listed here.

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