All Greenskin Units in Total War: Warhammer 3, Ranked

Returning from the original Total War: Warhammer, the Greenskins combine cowardly little goblins and big, bad orcs into one raging force. With a long history and several expansions to their rosters via DLC, it can be difficult to know what to use in the overwhelming Immortal Empires of Total War: Warhammer 3.

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In this list you will find all Greenskin units arranged from S-Tier (fantastic) to C-Tier (disappointing). Whether it’s scrapping law enforcement like the Dwarves and the Empire or battling the Chaos Warriors or Skaven, using the best units on this list is sure to make your rampages easier.



Night Goblins: Whether it’s the regular melee variant or their Archer Brethren, Night Goblins are a fantastic addition to any army. They combine the strength of ordinary goblins with poisonous attacks to weaken any enemy. They become amazing, however, once you can access them. Fanatic versions. They possess the incredibly powerful Spinning Loon ability, which will devastate all but the toughest foes.

Black Orcs: Not only the first Greenskin infantry, but one of the strongest units in the game. Black Orcs don’t have fancy tricks, but they do have incredible combat stats, piercing damage, and fear immunity. They’ll dominate in a melee engagement and soak up a lot of damage in turn, so you’ll definitely want to bring plenty of them once you can.

Spider Arachnarok: Although its leadership is not excellent, the Arachnarok Spider and its contingent of goblin archers is one of the strongest units in the Greenskin army. Poison attacks, armor piercing, and anti-large properties make it effective at engaging almost any type of unit in the game. inflict damage while your missile units rain fire.

Doom Diver Catapults: Every army needs strong artillery, and the Doom Diver Catapults deliver in spades. Not only does it deal high damage and is piercing, but its projectiles target enemy units, giving it unparalleled accuracy. You can always switch to first person mode and control the projectile yourself for more fun.


Rogue Idol: As the only level five unit on the Greenskin roster, the Rogue Idol is powerful enough. It’ll decimate just about any infantry in the game with minimal effort, and it’ll provide a leadership buff to your entire army that the Greenskins badly need. However, it’s incredibly slow and cumbersome, so you shouldn’t have more than one or two in your army.

Night Goblin Squigs: By far the best cavalry on the Greenskin list, Squig Hoppers excel against infantry. They are also cheap and early as a tier two unit. However, you’ll need some decent micromanagement to use them, as they only really stand out when using their charge bonus.

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Evil Skulkers: With their ability to hide in any terrain, Nasty Skulkers are excellent at ambushing enemy units. They pack a punch in close combat, even against armored enemies, and can stop enemies from retreating with their smoke bombs. Like many Greenskins, however, they suffer from a lack of leadership.

Wild Orcs: Sacrificing armor for a percentage of physical resistance, Savage Orcs are extremely tough Tier 1 infantry. They give you a powerful front line in the early game, even if they fall quite quickly. Just avoid them Big ‘uns counterparts, as they keep the compromise but arrive when your enemies will start dealing magic damage.

Trolls: While the ordinary Troll is mediocre at best, River Trolls and stone trolls are great additions to your army. River Trolls inflict a passive debuff on nearby enemies, so it’s almost always worth lining up one or two. Stone trolls are not only excellent in close combat, but their scaly skin protects them from the usual monstrous weakness of ranged fire infantry.

Snotling fire wagon: This war machine and its variants will make quick work of most infantrymen. The Flaps have increased movement speed, while the Sharp rollers are better all around at the price of being very expensive. However, they are a bit too tough for their expendable nature and will suffer during long engagements.


Goblins: Goblins are a highly variable unit, and how you use them will depend on your legendary lord. Skarsnik and Grom will want plenty of Goblin infantry and archers, but others will only use them in the early game. Yet for their cost, they are solid both in the front line and as missile units, not least thanks to their high number of models.

Orc Boyz: As with Goblins, Orc Boyz live and die by your Legendary Lord. They are a bit inferior to start with, however, as they lack the bulk of Goblin units. They may have better stats, but a lower unit count makes them less adept at holding other units. Arrer Boyz suffer for similar reasons.

Tanks: Whether goblin wolf Where orc boar, Greenskin tanks are mediocre in all areas. Wolf Chariots are fast and Boar Chariots are tough, but they lack the shredding potential of Pump Wagons and simply don’t do enough damage for their role. Still, there are far worse options out there for you, and they can do just fine on a flank.

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Goblin Riders: As your only missile cavalry unit, both varieties of goblin cavalry do their jobs quite well. They harass enemy units from afar and can reposition themselves quickly, but their damage is low and their leadership is abysmal. Beware of who and where they engage.

Goblin Rock Lobbers: There is not much to say about this artillery unit. Its accuracy is extremely low, but it has high damage and great range. As the only other artillery piece, you’ll want at least one in your army until you can upgrade to Doom Divers.


Squig Herds: This monstrous unit has decent early game armor piercings, allowing them to be used against factions like the Chaos Warriors, and can function as cavalry in a pinch. Unfortunately, their rampage attribute makes them extremely unreliable and you will often lose control of them when you need them most.

Young spiders: These fast and relatively weak units have minor uses thanks to their poisonous attacks, but everything they do is best accomplished by other units. They work well as a tier two poison option, but you’ll want to look for something else ASAP.

Orc Boyz: There are four varieties of this cavalry unit, but none of them are very good. Their weak defense makes them incredibly easy to take down, and their use as shock cavalry just can’t make up for that. You’re better off fielding Pump Wagons or Chariots if you want fast, high damage units.

Orc Big ‘Uns: Compared to Orc Boyz, the Big ‘Uns are generally just a waste of money. They work best in one-on-one fights, but their lack of shields hurts them badly against ranged fire, which you’ll encounter very often as Greenskins. You better field regular Orc Boyz until you can upgrade to Black Orcs and Night Goblins.

giants: As much damage as they deal, giants are incredibly slow and have terrible defenses. Of all your monstrous units, they are the most likely to come under ranged fire before they can do anything. Unless you’re absolutely desperate for a monstrous unit, you’ll want to avoid them.

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