5 key moments from “Could this be love?” ” (TO SUMMARIZE)

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Married at First Sight, Season 13, Episode 9, “Could This Be Love?”]

Married at first sight is well into its 13th season, but most couples have yet to utter that three-word phrase, “I love you.”

While this is understandable given the circumstances of being married to a stranger for just a few weeks, this is one of the main purposes of Episode 9, “Could this be love?” Some pairs do their best to go beyond their comfort zones to connect, while others barely hang on.

Below, we break down the biggest reveals made in this week’s episode, but beware of major spoilers ahead.

Moments of married life

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The episode provides a glimpse into the day-to-day lives of the couples in Season 13, starting with Brett and Ryan, who take part in a special version of Jenga. Essentially, the game involves Brett giving Ryan compliments, which makes him a little uncomfortable as he doesn’t really have any strong feelings for her yet. Myrla and Rachel make up for a few minutes of girls’ time as Rachel reveals that she feels better with Jose after hearing positive things from her friends and family.

As usual, Myrla finds something wrong with Gil, which Rachel does not understand as she thinks he is full of romantic gestures for his difficult fiancée. Zack feels like he’s tiptoeing around Michaela in their apartment as they have a conversation about communication that involves a very interesting bee metaphor. They decide the best way to push past problems is to talk more. As for Johnny and Bao, they sit down to have dinner together and she asks for news of her feelings – needless to say, her lukewarm approach doesn’t make her warm and fuzzy. Meanwhile, Rachel and Jose take a special excursion to do yoga with baby goats. The pair are having as much fun as it sounds and looks by petting the pint-sized farm animals.

Question time

MAFS Season 13 Johnny Bao

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Experts put couples to the test by asking them to ask themselves tough questions, including whether or not they’ve been in love before and what it would take to fall in love with each other now. Bao learns during their conversation that Johnny discovered birds and bees through hentai, a form of anime porn, which they both laugh uncontrollably about. Brett learns that Ryan has been in love before, but he usually finds out too late, which worries her.

Myrla tells Gil that actions are the path to her heart, adding that love is a choice in her eyes, and Gil admits that while he’s not exactly in love yet, he could see himself getting there with her. . Rachel feels a little worried when she learns that José was in love before, but after years of being with the woman who had children of her own, he has decided it wasn’t for him. Rachel is also concerned that Jose is not listening enough, but that doesn’t stop the couple from continuing their romantic dynamic.

Michaela learns that Zack has never been in love because no woman has ever ticked all of his boxes, which gives her a better understanding of what she is working with. Whether this is a good or a bad thing remains to be seen.

Special dates and surprises

MAFS Season 13 José Rachel

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Another thing that experts ask of couples is to create special dates or surprise moments for their spouses. Jose and Rachel’s involves making coasters from pieces of Scrabble. The light vibe gets a little more serious as the conversation lands on Rachel’s past cheating. She reveals that she once cheated with an ex in her past relationship and that this is something Jose will have to trust will never happen in their marriage. Meanwhile, Myrla teases Gil for eating the chocolate chip cookies before he surprises her with a foot massage. Behind the scenes, Myrla is rating a 5/10 experience that she will have to improve on in the future… yuck.

As for Bao, she sets up a perfect date for Johnny that includes fried chicken, beer, and bar games that the couple flirt with. Viewers also learn that the duo consummated their marriage, which appears to lighten their mood considerably.

Barbecue celebration

MAFS Season 13 Cast

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Jose and Rachel invite the couples over to his house for a barbecue where everyone stays up to date with the latest news. Gil sets the tone for the rally by asking questions about love. No one has said “I love you” yet. Then the duos begin to theorize who might say it first. As the party splits into different groups, Rachel tells some of the other cast members that Jose likes to talk a lot. Despite this inconvenience, Bao still thinks Rachel and Jose are a great match, even referring to them by the couple name “Rose”.

Michaela shares with some of the girls that she and Zack are experiencing a certain lull in their relationship. Brett worries aloud that Ryan is too slow to fall in love, and Gil encourages him to push her new husband to create feelings given the circumstances. The reunion does feel good, however, as a self-shot video diary from Jose and Rachel reveals that the couple said “I love you” to each other.

More dates

MAFS Season 13 Zack Michaela

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Continuing the date trend, Zack hosts a zoom cooking class for him and Michaela. Along the way, they learn more about their cooking habits, especially Michaela’s need to heavily season their scampi to the point that Zack actually starts to cough. As for Johnny and Bao, he sets up a redemption date at their apartment to make up for his ghost at an art museum in the past. Together they paint and taste champagne, but he gets a little frustrated when Bao feels the need to be a perfectionist artist.

Finally, Myrla takes Gil to a date of his choice in a restaurant he judges to be candle. His reason for going revolves around the fact that they have a drink on the menu named after Chanel # 5. Gil frankly addresses Myrla telling her that he must be starting to feel wanted because in this moment it feels like something that Myrla wanted to tick off. her list, not because she wanted a real relationship. Can the couple find common ground? Stay tuned by checking out Married at first sight every Wednesday for life.

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