10 wrong predictions

In a recent episode of The simpsons‘s current season, “Lisa the Boy Scout,” the show has been transformed into a pair of hackers hacked into a standard episode to release all “unreleased” storylines that acknowledge and confirm several popular fan theories. One of the most notorious things about The simpsons is his incredible ability to predict the future.

From Donald Trump’s presidency to Fox’s merger with Disney to Siegfried & Roy’s Tiger Attack, The simpsons predicted many future events years in advance. But the series’ predictions aren’t always accurate.


Digital Big Ben

Digital Big Ben in The Simpsons

When a college-aged Lisa flies to London to visit her fiancé’s parents in “Lisa’s Wedding,” the iconic Big Ben clock has been replaced with a digital clock. All these years later, in the real world, Big Ben still uses an analog clock to tell Londoners the time.

Originally named Clock Tower, the tower that houses the clock was renamed Elizabeth Tower in 2012 to mark the Diamond Jubilee of the late Elizabeth II.

Laser surgery would cause people’s eyes to fall out after 10 years

Bart and Ralph visit Flanders in the future in The Simpsons

When Bart and his future roommate Ralph Wiggum visit an older Ned Flanders, they discover that he is visually impaired. Turns out it was an unfortunate side effect of laser eye surgery, which was invented in 1987 before LASIK was perfected in 1999.

Flanders explains: “I should never have had this fashionable laser surgery. It was great at first, but you know, at 10, your eyes fall out.

Rocky VII: Adrian’s Revenge

Bart counts Roman numerals in The Simpsons

When Bart is trapped in a room surrounded by doors numbered with Roman numerals, he must figure out which is the seventh door, the only one that doesn’t have a deadly tiger behind it. He derives the Roman numeral for seven from the numbering of Rocky movies: Rocky V more Rocky II equals… Rocky VII: Adrian’s Revenge!”

At the time, there was no Rocky VIIbut a seventh installment in the Rocky the franchise has since been released – Creedwith Michael B. Jordan – and Adrian demanded no revenge.

“Smell Ya Later” would replace “Goodbye”

Bart and Ralph receive mail in the future in The Simpsons

In the future where Bart is a living burnout with Ralph and Lisa is the President of the United States, the phrase “feel up later” has replaced the word “goodbye” as the standard farewell. When the postman stops by Bart and Ralph to deliver mail, they tell him, “Feel up later!”

Not only did “feel later” not replace “goodbye” as the proper way to say goodbye to someone; it is even rarely used as a burn.

The Fox network would become “a hardcore sex channel”

Homer and Marge watch TV in the future on The Simpsons

When Homer and Marge watch the Fox Network on TV in the future, they’ll comment, “Fox has become a hardcore sex channel so gradually I haven’t even noticed it.” Fox has yet to become a mainstream porn network.

Fox airs plenty of reality TV shows and raw adult-oriented cartoons like family guy, Bob’s BurgersAnd in fact The simpsonsbut it still does not broadcast pornography.

Splitsville for Delta Burke and Major Dad

Chief Wiggum talks to a psychic in The Simpsons

When Principal Skinner goes missing, Chief Wiggum consults a psychic for answers. The psychic doesn’t know where to find Skinner (turns out he’s trapped in his own garage), but says, “I’m afraid it’s splitsville for Delta Burke and Major Dad.”

Wiggum seems disappointed that the celeb couple may be going their separate ways: “But they seemed so happy!” Fortunately, they didn’t. Delta Burke is still married to Gerald McRaney after 33 years.

iPods would enslave humanity

iPods whip people in The Simpsons

In the episode “Ice Cream of Margie (with the Light Blue Hair)”, Marge becomes a sculptor working exclusively with discarded Popsicle sticks. When Homer accidentally destroys all of his sculptures, he desperately tries to make it up to Marge. To show that she forgives him, Marge builds a giant sculpture of Homer himself.

The episode cuts to 200 years in the future, where Homer’s sculpture is all that remains of Western art. In this dark, dystopian future, humanity has been enslaved by giant iPods that whip people around with their headphones.

Only the five richest kings in Europe would own computers

Professor Frink with his invention in The Simpsons

Professor Frink is one of the smartest people in Springfield, but he was wrong about the future of computers. Frink said, “I predict that within 10 years computers will be twice as powerful, 10,000 times bigger and so expensive that only the five richest kings in Europe will own them.”

He was right that computers would get more powerful, but they got smaller instead of bigger, and users don’t have to be a wealthy European monarch to afford one.

virtual fondant

Homer eats virtual fudge in The Simpsons

In the future, Homer and Marge can be seen eating virtual fudge through a straw on the back of their VR headsets. But Homer complains that virtual fudge is “not half as good as cyber-fudge.”

Scientists have made crazy advances in food processing, but virtual food has yet to be invented. Tomacco still doesn’t exist in the real world either.

Brits would save America’s A** in WW3

Moe serves Hugh a beer in The Simpsons

When Lisa’s fiancé Hugh meets his family, Homer takes him out for a drink at Moe’s Tavern. Moe said, “An English boy, huh? You know, we saved your ass in World War II. Hugh jokingly replies, “Yeah, well, we saved your a** in WWIII.”

Luckily, World War III hasn’t happened yet, so it’s unclear which country would save which country if such a global conflict materializes.

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