10 Recent Cartoons So Bad Fans Shouldn’t Miss

Anime has been better than ever in recent years, and with people like Chainsaw Man, Spy x Family Part 2, Crowd Psycho season 3 , and Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War coming this fall, anime fans are spoiled with amazing shows from Japan.

Still, all that glitters isn’t gold, and there have been some hilarious anime over the past decade. From insanely bad animations to stories that have even the most tolerant fan scratching their heads, these anime are fondly remembered for all the wrong reasons.


Junji Ito collection

The horror anime has struggled since the hilarious nickname Ghost stories. Unfortunately, the trend continues with the long-awaited Junji Ito Collection. What should have been the best horror anime of the decade turned out to be a rush job that failed to capture Ito’s signature style.

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Production was a mess, thanks to absurd deadlines imposed on staff by company bosses. The result is an anime that has horrified fans not because of the stories themselves, but because of the ugliness of the final product. It takes a special anime to turn horror into unintended comedy.


Arifureta was the long-awaited adaptation of the light novel of the same name, and this monkey’s paw curled up, much to the dismay of fans. The anime was incredibly sloppy and, most notoriously, condensed entire arcs into single episodes, giving the anime a chaotically rushed vibe.

The production team behind her most certainly shared that vibe. Although LN fans were angry, they decided to make the best of a bad situation by pointing out how terrible the writing was for this adaptation. Silver liners, though fans are still clamoring for a proper adaptation.

hit the blood

hit the blood wasn’t great due to production issues, a rarity in the industry. In fact, the show clearly has a passionate team behind it, which makes the terrible it all the more incredible. The characters are complete morons, and comic gags such as the perverse bleeding nose become real plot points.

It’s an unbalanced showcase of fantasy action, and commitment to this vampiric madness made him incredibly charming to fans. It’s better to be a bad show with a 100% crew behind it than a mediocre show with a crew that’s basically on autopilot, wanting to get home for their four hours of sleep.

Kijo !!!!!!

Kijo !!!!!! (Yes, exclamation marks are necessary) is the highlight for anime fans who are tired of being called evil for their taste in anime. If they think that anyway, then it’s time to pull out all the stops and make a big fuss about fanservice.

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This is exactly what the team behind Kijo !!!!!! did. The show takes the sport of “American Gladiator but with hot girls using their butts and tits to push each other” to its logical extremes. The animation is beautifully crafted and all the voice actors are committed to the intensity of the scenes. The premise is terrible, but the production team certainly gave it their all.

Invasion from great heights

Invasion from great heights is “bad” in the same way that movies like The purge Where Seen are bad. It’s a death game anime, and like any death game, there’s tons and tons of blood. In fact, that’s 50% of the show’s appeal. The other half is how schlocky the writing is.

The fun part of death games is always the silly characters that should be terrifying, but just look hilarious to the viewer. It doesn’t help that the main character is called a “God” for Three Stooges routine to get out of deadly situations. Add to that excessive fanservice, and anime fans have the perfect B-Horror anime for a Saturday night.

Rent a girlfriend

Rent a girlfriend takes the spineless harem protagonist’s trope to its extremes with living spaghetti noodle Kazuya Kinoshita. The production here is competent and the opening theme is a good catchy moment, but the main character single-handedly sinks this rom-com ship before it even sails.

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The premise of a teenager wasting his grandmother’s money on a fake girlfriend was bad enough, but the constant self-sabotage is legendaryly bad. The “mean girl”, Mami, introduced as the villain, only has specific statements about Kazuya’s character, which makes the story even more hilarious. It’s fun for those who want to see one of anime’s worst simps.

Angel Cross

Angel Cross is a ruthlessly ripping mecha anime aside from the more silly sides of the beloved genre. It’s an honest-to-God travesty, and the “wickedness” is entirely intentional. The characters are blatant caricatures of cliched characters from series such as Gundam Seedand each credits scene shows the characters blatantly pointing out how dumb the show they’re in is.

It’s a great palate cleanser for mecha fans who still want their cool action but not the typical drama. It’s junk food for mecha fans that makes fun of fans, but it does it with love. It’s no legend of galactic heroes, but it’s not necessary.

Domestic Girlfriend

Not wanting to be outclassed by live soap operas, Domestic Girlfriend decides to have one of the most messy love triangles in anime history. After an awkward “first time”, Natsuo Fujii parts ways with the calm Rui as strangers. Instead, he continues to yearn for his teacher, Hina.

However, a bombshell is dropped when Fujii’s father reveals that he has remarried and his wife is none other than his teacher Hina. Not only that, his daughter turns out to be the quiet Rui, which has anime fans all over the world wondering if they were watching an anime or the start of a hentai. The show’s melodrama is as absurd as any telenovela, and fans loved the sinking.

Neo Yokio

Although some may say it is a “Western production”, Neo Yokio was still animated by an American-Japanese team, with anime fans behind it. For all intents and purposes, it’s considered an anime. With how crazy and absurd the premise is, this can only be an anime, truth be told.

The story follows Kaz Kaan, a “magisterial” demon slayer (don’t automatically correct it, editor) who just wants to continue his single life. The premise is paper thin as each episode is just an excuse for them to get into hijinks. Add to that a weirdly in-depth alternate history of the real world, and audiences are faced with a hilariously incomprehensible mess.


EX-ARM is an awkward mess in every aspect. Based on a decent manga of the same name, the adaptation takes everything good about the manga and twists it in favor of awful, gruesome CGI animation. The studio behind the show had literally never done an anime before, and it showed so clearly in the execution.

Many comparisons have been made with RWBY first volume, which was notoriously low-budget. Contrary to RWBY however, EX-ARM lacked Monty Oum’s stellar action choreography. All they have left is an animation stiffer than hard liquor. It was so bad that its source manga was cancelled. EX-ARM is a master class of incompetence that will be remembered for years.

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