10 anime scenes that caused an uproar in the fandom

A significant number of anime have content that is often considered shocking by its fans. This is why “controversy” has become something of a second name for the medium. Every year there is at least one anime that catches the attention of its viewers, but in a negative way.

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The controversy created by the anime may be due to several reasons, but the top 3 reasons for an uproar in fandoms include the death of a fan favorite anime character, intense waifu wars where the best girl generally loses against the main female character, and content deemed too explicit or offensive to be shown on television.

ten Mami Tomoe’s horrific death to Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica

When fans first started watching the anime, they were all rocked to think that this was another cute magical girl anime, where the cute girls would do cute things, especially the brilliant Magical Girl and bubbly Mami Tomoe, who served as Madoka’s sensei for the first few episodes.

However, the expectations took a total of 180 and every fan was bowled over when the anime showed Mami Tomoe’s gruesome death at the hands of a witch during battle.

9 When Yuno Gasai Turned Out To Be From Another Timeline In Future Diary

stunned yuno gasai

The anime was evenly split among fans for the very “edgy” content that it was accused of posting. Even so, die-hard fans continued to defend this game of death, until the very last quarter of the show, when the anime pulled a Reverse UNO card and revealed a plot twist without foreshadowing.

It was revealed that Yuno Gasai won the death match in the First World, and she killed Yuno from the Second World in order to be with Yuki again. Needless to say, many fans weren’t happy with this development, especially since it maintained zero continuity with the anime’s first 3 arcs.

8 Nina Tucker’s transformation in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Alexander and Nina Tucker Chimera Fullmetal Alchemist

Shou Tucker’s transformation of his daughter Nina into a talking chimera, just so he can continue to maintain the perks of his position as State Alchemist, has blinded all fans of the series.

The outcry among fans was instantaneous, especially considering the fact that this four-year-old didn’t wish her father any harm, despite being responsible for her transformation into a pipe dream.

7 Interspecies Reviewers was discontinued by Funimation due to its pornographic nature

Stunk, Zel, Crimvael and Kanchal from interspecies interviewers

The whole premise of the anime revolves around an elf and a human man, who visit multiple brothels and share / revisit their sexual experiences with each other. Funimation had dubbed a few episodes, but they soon noticed that the content of the show got more and more obnoxious with each episode.

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They eventually dropped out of the series, causing a ruckus among dub fans, many of whom thought was simply an overreaction on Funimation’s part.

6 Ichigo & Darling Episode 14 In The Franxx

2 darling in the franxx Ichigo

Fans began to sympathize with Zero Two after his tragic past was revealed, which is why Ichigo couldn’t have chosen a worse time to isolate Zero Two from Hiro. She believed she was doing it for her own good, but fans didn’t see it that way.

Then everyone went crazy when Ichigo forcefully kissed Hiro, a boy who was the weakest emotionally, many seeing it as cold emotional manipulation by Ichigo.

5 Nisemonogatari’s controversial toothbrush scene that split the fandom into two halves

This scene was the most controversial scene of its time, seeing how instantly uncomfortable it made fans with objectionable content that incorporated sexual tension not only between two siblings but between two individuals one of whom of them, little Karen, was a minor.

The act of brushing one’s teeth was likened to a sexual act, and if that wasn’t enough, the male protagonist’s dialogue was filled with double meanings that made the intentions of the scene very clear.

4 “I love Emilia” – Subaru’s brutal rejection of Rem (Re: Zero)

rem with tears in his eyes

It was the most defining anime moment of 2016, where sweet Rem’s feelings for Subaru were crushed because he had a one-sided love affair with Emilia.

The fandom exploded in outrage, as most fans believed Rem deserved to be with Subaru, seeing that she had fallen in love with him multiple times in different timelines. In fact, it sparked one of the most infamous waifu wars of all time, with Rem being crowned as the undisputed waifu of Re: Zero.

3 Sasha’s Unexpected Death at the Hands of Gabi Braun (Attack on Titan)

sacha is dead

Sasha, aka Potato Girl, was one of the most popular The attack of the Titans characters outside of Japan. So when she got to her airship safely after a sneak attack on Marley, absolutely no one expected her to die.

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However, that’s exactly what happened, when Gabi shot an angry Sasha for killing her own sisters and brothers. Not only were fans shocked beyond belief, but this scene made Gabi the most hated character in the entire series.

2 MC caught watching objectionable content involving children in Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation

Mushoku Tensei Anime Reudeus Studying Magic

Initially, the character isekai-ed was considered one of the many creeps that exist in the world of isekai who have little or no understanding of the concept of consent.

However, when flashbacks of his adult life were shown, it was revealed that instead of attending his father’s funeral, he was sitting in his bedroom, watching illegal content involving children. This is the scene that has generated the most controversy for this anime.

1 Redo Of A Healer Has Made Fans Wondering Why It Wasn’t Released As Hentai Instead

Advertised as a dark revenge-based anime, the show actually turned out to be just scene after scene of sadistic people sexually assaulting each other. Perhaps the most shocking aspect is how the MC himself indulged in nasty actions involving women, with many fans hailing his actions as justifiable.

Most fans agreed that since the plot was only incidental to the anime’s widespread sexual assault, abuse, and brutality, it would have made more sense for the series to be released as hentai, instead of ‘an ecchi series.

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